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Happy Birthday, InfoSeek!
SearchDay #314, July 18, 2002
Once venerable InfoSeek, a powerhouse search engine that achieved prominence during the mid 1990s, was launched eight years ago today.

New Search Engine Marketing Buyer's Guide
SearchDay #313, July 17, 2002 is a new directory that can help web site owners find experienced professionals to help with all aspects of the increasingly important process of search engine marketing.

Linker vs. Lawyer: The Deep Link Controversy Continues
SearchDay #312, July 16, 2002
Paul Alan Levy, an attorney for the Public Citizen Litigation Group, squares off with Eric Ward, one of the web's most respected authorities on the current legal controversy over links and linking.

Beyond the Google Toolbar
SearchDay #311, July 15, 2002
UltraBar emulates the most powerful features of the Google toolbar and makes them available using virtually any search engine on the web -- and it's free.

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Metatags and Other aches
At the beginning of most HTML pages is a section, hidden from the user but highly visible to browsers and other bits of Internet machinery such as search engine spiders and caching systems. It's full of meta tags and other sorely-abused bits of HTML.

Setting Up Full-Text Search: A Step-by-step Guide
In his latest article, Alexander Chigrik explains SQL Server full-text search concepts in extensive detail, complete with a step-by-step example for getting up and running with a full-text search index.

A Conversation With The Inventor Of Email,,11979_1408411,00.html
Ray Tomlinson gave society one of the greatest communication tools in history. He invented email back in 1971, eventually transforming global business communication. In this exclusive Q&A, Tomlinson discusses spam, the future of email and his current work in distributed computing.

.INFO Doing Better Than Expected
Though it's way too early to make a judgment, the success of the new TLD -- and the efforts by its registry to fix what's broken -- could eventually supplant the .ORG suffix.

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Yahoo Japan Net Profit Jumps in April-June...
CNET Jul 19 2002 9:55AM GMT
Online search engines news
Ask Jeeves Links Up With Google...
New York Times Jul 19 2002 7:02AM GMT
XML and metadata news
W3C Makes XML Signatures More Portable...
Internet News Jul 18 2002 10:00PM GMT
Online search engines news
Ask Jeeves reports Q2 loss, higher revenues...
iWon Jul 18 2002 9:52PM GMT
Top internet stories
Identity rules...
The Economist Jul 18 2002 5:20PM GMT
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Gaga for Google? When results don't count...
ZDNet Jul 18 2002 2:44PM GMT
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Somerset launches local yokel portal... Jul 18 2002 11:47AM GMT
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Inktomi Narrows Focus, Appoints New CFO... Jul 18 2002 10:54AM GMT
When size does matter...
Media Guardian Jul 18 2002 10:36AM GMT
Inktomi Cuts 40% of Remaining Work Force Amid Widened Loss... Jul 18 2002 7:07AM GMT
Amazon API + Google UI...
Linux Magazine Jul 18 2002 4:24AM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo Admits Changing E-Mail Text to Block Hackers...
CNET Jul 18 2002 1:38AM GMT
Online search engines news
Inktomi reports loss, cuts staff...
CNET Jul 18 2002 1:30AM GMT
Technology features
How Software Can Combat Terror...
Fortune Jul 17 2002 6:32PM GMT
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