Special Search Tools Issue, Part 2

Note: Part 1 of this article is here:
SearchDay - Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1

* New Search Engines in our Listings
(in alphabetical order)

ActiveSearch SiteSearch SDK

Extends Windows-based search engines by converting natural-language questions to keywords, sending queries to SQL databases, searching for patterns, and showing mouse-over document summaries in search results.


Intelliseek Enterprise Search Server

Designed as a distributed federated search system, this engine can now access content in Oracle and SQL Server databases, bridge to Lotus Domino servers, handle incoming data feeds, and index static or dynamic documents. Acting as a broker, this search engine handles security and access control, sending queries to the most likely authorized sources and collates the results.


InteractiveTools Search Engine

Powerful Perl script includes an admin interface, local file indexer, rules for excluding directories, optional stopwords, diacritical character conversion, search zones, Boolean and Internet Query Operators, search results in customizable templates and search reports on successful and unsuccessful queries.


IXE: Ideare indeXing Engine

An advanced indexing and search engine toolkit, with a C++ API. Developed in Italy, this is used in several large European portals for web page, MP3, image, video, news and shopping comparison search.


t.find Remote Search from Eidetica

New ASP search service from the Netherlands provides sophisticated spider controls and compatibility with NewsML for article archives. Search is based on neural-net-like training, recognizes user expectations and offers standard query options. Available as either a turnkey search service or a programmatic feed allowing server-side formatting.


Teapot Metadata Search

Teapot is the code name for a metadata search engine that recognizes multiple facets of searchable records, and shows context in search results. A recipe site might display categories in search results for cuisine, course, main ingredient, cooking method, and so on. This approach is particularly appropriate for e-commerce search but also works for journal articles, newsfeeds and other structured content.


YourAmigo Enterprise Search: New SearchTools Report

YourAmigo, from Australia, offers an innovative approach to gathering data for indexing. Indexing agents on the source servers combine information from both web servers and file systems or databases. This allows the indexer to imitate dynamic forms and extract data that's otherwise invisible to robot spiders. Other features include metadata field tagging, flexible querying, date range searching, XML query and search interfaces, and browser admin for index control and search results formatting.


Updates to Search Engines
(in alphabetical order)

Atomz Search and Promote Service

Atomz Promote service integrates site search and Web content management, allowing search admins and marketing people to site search requests and add relevant content to search results. Provides a powerful framework for search recommendations.


BBDBot Updated

As of January 2002, Ben Carlson is updating this open-source Java search engine. He has changed the GUI over to Swing from AWT, is adding features, and is working on making it more user friendly.


Google Search Appliance Updated

New features include faster searching while crawling, marking some archives for crawling less often, NTLM security integration, session IDs, additional search admin interface improvements, and an increase in the capacity of the small unit.


IndexMySite Remote Search Service Now Fee-Based

The ASP search service IndexMySite is now charging fees instead of relying on advertising revenue. The first month is still free.


Inktomi Enterprise Search Update and Search Toolkit

Inktomi Enterprise Search (formerly Ultraseek) Version 4.5 allows wildcard characters at the beginning, middle or end of any word. Also updates the Japanese lexer and offers a new Japanese localized search administration interface. Inktomi is also offering consulting services for search engine security and connecting to Documentum, Livelink and Interwoven.

A new Search Toolkit for developers and OEMs offers one interface to both text search on unstructured and semi-structured documents such as web pages and queries on structured data such as relational databases and XML documents, returning links to documents or fragments from them. It uses XML and Unicode internally to index and cache documents, supports XQuery, wildcards, parametric search, sorting by field as well as relevance, and over 250 file formats. It has access to most of the other features of the Inktomi Enterprise Search, including server independence, scalability and multithreading. The API is in Java, using XML sockets or HTTP, and runs initially on Windows NT/2000 and Sun Solaris.


Inxight MetaText and VizServer: SearchTools Report

Inxight has released MetaText, a metadata extraction tool focused on summaries, related document, people, places and things. The other new product, VizServer, offers visualization technologies for relational databases.


ISYS:web.asp Version Released

ISYS/Odyssey has released a new version of their web site and intranet search engine, as an ASP (Active Server Page) module for the Microsoft IIS web server. This version has all the file format, NT security, and query features of the standalone search engine. ISYS products are commonly used on law sites, in legal offices and other intranets.


JeevesOne for Enterprise

New version integrates content from backend databases as well as web pages.


Netrics Renames and Updates Search Engine

Netrics has renamed the LikeIt search engine to "Netrics Search", and added new platforms and APIs. The main focus of the product continues to be on search expansion, using fuzzy matching and other tools to locate as many items as possible that might correspond to the original query.


Oracle Text, Ultra Search, interMedia Search

With Oracle 9i, the text search engine is renamed to Oracle Text, Ultra Search provides a web and multisource interface, and interMedia performs multimedia management and search functions. The search engine, deeply integrated with the Oracle database, has a huge number of information retrieval functions, from phonetic matching to multilingual indexing to alerting services.


Phantom Returns to ACTIV Software

The Phantom Search Engine for Windows and Mac OS 9 will be sold and supported by the original developer, ACTIV Software of Victoria, Canada, returning from Maxum Development. ACTIV will support all current users and offer an upgrade path, it has developed a Windows NT/2000 Service version and is working on a Mac OS X version.


Spiderline Search Service: new features

The Spiderline remote search ASP has added a bunch of new features, including compatibility with all recent versions of Microsoft Word, indexing with passwords, cookies, session IDs and SSL, Remote Crawl Requests (update triggering via HTTP), search zones, and search results in XML. They also show snippets of matching text in with hit highlighting in search results and have extensive indexing and search reports.


Verity K2 Developer

Verity has released a new version of the K2 Developer toolkit, designed to allow software developers to integrate the search engine and other features with their products.


ZNOW Acquired by Endymion

The search engine and automatic taxonomy and classification software will continue to be developed and marketed as part of the business solutions firm.


Search-It Remote Service Discontinued
NetMind is no longer offering the site search service.

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Note: Part 1 of this article is here:
SearchDay - Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1

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