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SES New York: Live Coverage
Search Engine Watch Forums

"Search Engine Strategies [SES” is here! Search Engine Watch Moderator Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick) and Benjamin Pfeiffer (Phoenix) from are providing live coverage on some of the best sessions of the conference."

Google Hires Top Windows Programmer
Webmaster World
"...if true (big IF - but we do know Dave has friends in low places...e.g.: Redmond), then we have some more evidence that Google is not messing around with a wimpy browser, but going for a bite, but it is going for the whole system:"

Yahoo's Contextual Ads in the Wild
Virtual Promote Forums

"I'm looking forward to Overture competing with Google when it comes to contextual advertising. By the way--MSN is also quietly testing their own PPC [Pay Per Click” and contextual advertising program, as well. No word on when it's going to be rolled out, though."

What Is Usability In One Word?
Cre8asite Forums

"If we blasted 'usability' into oblivion so that it could never be used again, what word or short phrase would replace it?"

AdWords Daily Budget
Webmaster World

"My daily budget is set to $30. I spent less than that in a whole month actually since I target specific words and phrases. But I don't understand completely if raising that daily limit would help me. My question: if I set it still higher: $99 will my add be shown more times?"

Can Google Push Users To Yahoo & MSN?
High Rankings Forum

"Is it possible that Google make it so difficult to manipulate their results, that the webmaster community simply up and shift to focus on Yahoo and MSN?"

Overture Services To Become Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions
High Rankings Forum

"Discussions revolving around 'I want to appear on Yahoo' will be simpler for me if I don't have to introduce the Overture brand into the discussion."

Do Generic Search Terms Drive Most Buying?
Cre8asite Forum

"Generic search term competition mostly favours vendors who know about branding, and present a superbly credible appearance. Oh, and those with the deepest pockets, of course."

The Best SEO Tactic: Do Nothing at all?
Webmaster World

"I can accept that there exist webmasters and companies with genius techies and a hard-working team of web promoters who can get results. But for the average webmaster is his time not best spent in developing a good site? Especially when no one can agree on what works anyway?"

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Business Week Mar 4 2005 6:21AM GMT
Experts: Policing Affiliates Big Challenge for PPC Search Players...
ClickZ Today Mar 4 2005 5:54AM GMT
Google's Chinese language new channel block in lead up to top centralgovernment meetings...
Interfax Information Agency Mar 4 2005 4:34AM GMT
Smaller companies find online ad niche...
USA Today Mar 4 2005 12:36AM GMT
Google Scholar, Scirus and the Scholarly Revolution...
Searcher Mar 3 2005 7:53PM GMT
Search for Couch Potatoes...
Technology Review Mar 3 2005 7:50PM GMT
Microsoft Loses Key Windows Architect to Google...
Microsoft-Watch Mar 3 2005 7:15PM GMT
Netscape Browser 8.0 Beta Goes Live...
BetaNews Mar 3 2005 7:07PM GMT
Net searcher has its ears to the blog... Mar 3 2005 5:01PM GMT
Enhancements Made to Google Local (Beta)...
Search Engine Watch Mar 3 2005 4:59PM GMT
Google's secret of success? Dealing with failure...
CNET Mar 3 2005 4:25PM GMT
Sullivan: Vertical, Organic Search Deserve Attention...
ClickZ Today Mar 3 2005 6:35AM GMT
NYC Library Putting Images Online...
CRM Assist Mar 3 2005 5:43AM GMT

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