Search Engine Watch Top Stories of 2002

2002 was a fun and exciting year to be following the search engine scene. The editors of Search Engine Watch looked back over the stories we wrote last year, and selected a dozen that we felt were the most notable or important for 2002.

Here are our picks, in chronological order:

To Or is Human
SearchDay, Apr. 9, 2002
Perhaps no other "advanced" search technique causes more trouble than the incorrect use of the Boolean OR operator. Here's why this simple little world can wreak havoc on your search results.

Winners Don't Take All: Link Popularity for the Rest of Us
SearchDay, Apr. 17, 2002
Though a small number of sites get the majority of inbound links and traffic, a new study reveals a previously unknown pattern of web page connectivity and shows how new, poorly connected sites can compete.

The Bumpy Road To Maximum Monetization
The Search Engine Report, May 6, 2002
The quest for greater profits is likely to cause search engines to monetize even more of the links displayed on their search results pages. LookSmart's recent switch to cost-per-click pricing for small business listings is the first real test of maximizing monetization this way. Unfortunately, the change and others over the past year have created consumer concerns.

Overture Files Patent Lawsuit Against Google
The Search Engine Report, May 6, 2002
Overture filed a lawsuit against Google last month, claiming that Google has infringed on its patents that apply to bid-for-placement search ranking and for account management tools.

FTC Recommends Disclosure To Search Engines
The Search Engine Report, July 2, 2002
The US Federal Trade Commission has made an important recommendation to major search engines suggesting that they better disclose their paid content. This came in response to a complaint made last year by the watchdog group Commercial Alert.

Deep Linking Lunacy
SearchDay, July 9, 2002
A Danish court has ruled that "deep linking" is illegal, and pundits say this decision spells doom for the Net. Should you be worried? Hardly.

The Seven Deadly Nyms
SearchDay, Aug. 7, 2002
Virtuous searching takes more than hard work and clean thinking -- you must keep constant vigilance against the seven deadly nyms that can play the devil with your search results.

Google: Can The Marcia Brady Of Search Stay Sweet?
The Search Engine Report, Sept. 3, 2002
Does search dominance by Google mean that the company is destined to be hated, in the way that Microsoft endures a poor reputation due to its dominance of operating systems, office software and browsers? Such a fate is not preordained, especially given that Google faces plenty of competition.

Meta Search Engine Week
SearchDay, September 16-19, 2002
This week, SearchDay focuses on the world of meta search engines, looking under the hood at how they work and profiling the major players and their offerings, beginning with InfoSpace, the industry gorilla, operating the four arguably best known and most heavily used properties. We also present a list of Search Engine Watch's pick of the best and most popular metas for searching the web, as well as services that are competent and in many cases worthy of a look, but don't meet all of our evaluation criteria.

Google News Search Leaps Ahead
SearchDay, October 2, 2002
Google has dramatically enhanced its news search service, serving up a portal of real-time news drawn from more than 4,000 sources worldwide.

In Search Of The Relevancy Number
The Search Engine Report, Dec. 5, 2002
While relevancy is the most important "feature" a search engine can offer, there sadly remains no widely-accepted measure of how relevant the different search engines are. As we shall see, turning relevancy into an easily digested figure is a huge challenge, but it's a challenge the search engine industry needs to overcome, for its own good and that of consumers.

Finally, we can't resist mentioning SearchDay's April Fools Issue. This issue received a lot of favorable feedback -- and, much to our surprise, more than a few flames from readers who didn't seem to catch the humorous intent and accused us of wasting their time.

Google Quits Search, Focuses on Waste Management
SearchDay, Apr. 1, 2002
Internet poster child Google has abandoned its efforts to create the world's most comprehensive web search engine, and is setting its sights on the lucrative world of waste management.

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