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Online Shopping with Google's Froogle
SearchDay, Dec. 12, 2002
Google has launched a beta version of a new shopping search tool called "Froogle" that the company claims is the most comprehensive product search engine available on the web.

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization
SearchDay, Dec. 11, 2002
Choosing a firm to do search engine optimization needn't be confusing or frustrating if you start by creating a request for proposal that focuses on your own specific needs.

Using Search Engines to Fill in the Blank
SearchDay, Dec. 10, 2002
Rather than agonizing over formulating the perfect query, take advantage of the power of search engines to easily "fill in the blank" for the answer to many types of questions.

AlltheWeb Alchemist Contest Winners Announced
SearchDay, Dec. 9, 2002
Now there's a quick and easy way to change the look of the AlltheWeb search engine, by downloading one of the wining entries from the company's Alchemist contest.

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Text Link Ads -- With a Dash of Content
Recipe for relevance: Don't just return results, return content with paid search engine listings.

Book Review: Human Factors and Web Development, 2nd ed.
A collection of sixteen chapters from leading experts in the field this book provides a fascinating glimpse into current and future HCI research into man-machine interaction on the web.

Web Writers, Post Thyself
Basic HTML is as essential as the ABCs of marketing communicators. How --and where -- to learn basic code.

Online Fraud Growing in Scale, Sophistication
Fraud will cost online retailers about $500 million during this holiday season, according to a new study out by industry analyst giant Gartner, Inc.

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