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SearchDay #29, June 14 - Pass Me the Blog, Please
I'm often asked, "How in the world did you find THAT?" The answer, quite often, is by searching through blogs, the web's equivalent of a sophisticated early warning system.

SearchDay #28, June 13 - The End of 404s?
There's nothing more frustrating than clicking a link only to see '404 - Page Not Found'. Two U.C. Berkeley professors have proposed a solution that could banish aggravating 404s from the web forever.

SearchDay #27, June 12 - A Search Engine of Your Own
If you think that adding search to your site means rolling up your sleeves and hacking together a crawler, indexer and database system, think again. A number of companies offer "plug and play" services that provide a powerful search engine for your web site -- and best of all, some are free.

SearchDay #26, June 11 - Teoma Tackles the Web
Teoma is a new search engine born in the computer labs at Rutgers University that looks like a serious contender for joining the major leagues.

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Designing Web Usability - Part 5
Jakob Nielsen shares his wisdom and experience on the topic of content, page design, and how to connect with any Web user, in any situation. This weeks installment covers such topics as Search Capabilities, Advanced Search, The Search Results Page, and more.

Singing The Search Engine Blues
It amazes me how many otherwise savvy marketers are not approaching their search engine results strategically. Perhaps they are using a strategy, but it may be the wrong one, and it's a shame because there are opportunities to be seized in the pay-per-click marketplace.

Three Site Types Dominate Surfing Habits,2198,3531_782381,00.html
Researchers with Nielsen Netratings say American Internet surfers love three types of Web sites - search engine, portal or community site. The report says one out of every three Americans will visit one of these types of sites on a religious-like basis.

Microsoft Smart Tags: Changing the Nature of Hyperlinks?
Under a controversial new feature scheduled to be included in the upcoming Windows XP, Microsoft could insert live hyperlinks on your Web pages -- without the knowledge or participation of the Web page's designer.

FinancialContent To Add SEC Filings,2198,3531_783431,00.html
Online financial information site continues to keep the ball rolling by adding federal corporate filings to its cache of available content.

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