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The Search Engine Watch Awards recognize outstanding achievements in web searching. The voting period for the 2002 awards has now opened, and we encourage you to cast your votes.

Reader votes greatly help Search Engine Watch's editors in deciding which search engines deserve to win.

This year's process differs from last year. From January 7 through January 12, 2003, Search Engine Watch members had a chance to nominate which services should be finalists in various categories. Danny Sullivan and I then conferred and compiled a list of finalists for public voting.

You may also be wondering why for 2002, we've gone to a two-round voting system. The reason is that historically, we've had to filter out an incredible amount of spam votes in the past.

While most individuals did vote only once, a small number cast hundreds of duplicate votes. Filtering out duplicates and invalid votes was made more complicated because "write-in" votes were allowed.

The new system is designed to reduce spam while still allowing the general Search Engine Watch readership to take part in the awards.

The voting period is from today, January 14 through Friday January 17, 2003, so don't delay!

Search Engine Watch Awards will be given out in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Search Service
  • Best Meta Search Engine
  • Best News Search Engine
  • Best Image Search Engine
  • Best Shopping Search Engine
  • Best Design
  • Most Webmaster Friendly Search Engine
  • Best Paid Inclusion Service
  • Best Search Feature
  • Best Specialty Search Engine

The 2002 Search Engine Watch Awards
Use this form to cast your votes for 2002's outstanding search services and features.

Winners from past years can be found via these links:

2001 Search Engine Watch Awards winners

2000 Search Engine Watch Awards winners

Welcome SearchDay Guest Editor Gary Price

For the next week and a half, SearchDay will be written and edited by Gary Price. Gary is a world-class super searcher, and was my co-author for "The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Resources Search Engines Can't See."

Gary is taking over the helm of SearchDay while I'm in Australia, speaking at the Information Online 2003 conference in Sydney. He's got quite an impressive lineup of material to send your way over the coming days.

During Gary's Guest Editorship, you should contact him directly with comments or questions about his articles. His email address is

Gary Price Bio
More information about SearchDay's Guest Editor, including links to his outstanding weblog, The ResourceShelf.

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