Yahoo Root URL Rumor False

Yahoo Root URL Rumor False

From The Search Engine Update
Oct. 5, 1997

It has been going around recently that Yahoo is only accepting root URL submissions, such as, as opposed to

This is not the case. Yahoo continues to accept submissions, regardless of whether a site is hosted under its own root domain or is hosted within someone else's domain.

"This rumor is completely false, and we're not sure how it started. There has been no change regarding what URLs we accept; we certainly don't restrict submissions to root URLs," said Srinija Srinivasan, Chief Ontological Yahoo, who oversees the listing process.

Yahoo does have a general policy of not listing subsections of a website, unless there is a substantial reason for doing so. For example, a company might have a web site about surfing, with a section about surfboards, a section about good beaches, and a section about surfing clothing. The site might be organized as so:

Home Page

Surfboard Section

Beaches Section

Clothing Section

The site owner may want to submit the entire site as well as each section under its own listing, but chances are, Yahoo will only process the root URL submission. The reason is that the sections are probably not substantial enough to stand on their own.

However, the situation above is completely different when the subsections are completely different sites hosted under the same domain. This happens often with free web space, where different people have similar addresses, such as:

In this case, even though the addresses are similar, the sites themselves are substantially different. John21's site has nothing to do with Mary1234 or Thuan56's sites. Each stand stands on its own, and so Yahoo will consider each for a listing.

Whether a listing is accepted is another story. Listings may not be accepted because a site is either not substantial enough or simply because Yahoo's staff did not have time to review it. Reasons for this are covered in Search Engine Watch's Yahoo Special Report.

Yahoo has also improved its submission process, in hopes of making things much clearer. Many of the changes came after the special report noted problems with the process. Thanks to those who participated in the survey, which is part of the report. Your comments probably helped spur Yahoo on.

And kudos to Yahoo for making the changes. Srinivasan said that they've received positive feedback that the changes have helped make things easier. Now if only the submissions were processed faster....


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