Yahoo Sponsor Listings

NOTE: Please don't read this page unless you have a web page already listed in the Yahoo Directory. Only web pages already listed in the Yahoo Directory can purchase Yahoo Sponsor Listings. Not sure if you are listed? Read the Yahoo Directory page for help.

As you know, all sites in the Yahoo Directory are listed alphabetically. These alphabetical listings come at the bottom of the category page. Since some categories may have many listings, this system is pretty bad for those who are alphabetically disadvantaged. For instance, in the Yahoo Rental Cars category, Avis gets to be right at the top of the Alphabetical section by virtue of a name that begins with A, while poor Thrifty Car Rental gets stuck near the bottom.

Yahoo Sponsor Listings are meant to be a solution to this problem. They are offered in many commercial categories and allow you to have your site listed near the top of the page, within a special box called "Sponsor Listings." This placement will put your site even above the "Most Popular" listings that appear on some category pages.

Paid listings are sold by the month, with the fee beginning at $50 and higher. You pay more for categories that Yahoo deems to be particularly popular.

Enrolling In Sponsor Listings

To enroll, begin the process from the Yahoo Sponsor Listings home page:

Yahoo Sponsor Listings

You'll be led to a page where you can enter your URL and be shown where that URL is already listed in Yahoo. You'll also be told how much it will cost to be in the Sponsor Listings program for that category or categories. You can then choose to sign-up online with a credit card, if the cost is $300 or less per month. Approval of your paid listing should come within five days.

For categories costing more than $300 per month, you will be directed to use a special form to contact a Yahoo ad sales rep. There is a 3-month minimum requirement, for these categories.

How You Appear

Once accepted, your alphabetical listing will have the words [SPONSOR” placed next to the title in yellow text and will also be listed within the Sponsor Listings box at the top of the category page. Up to five paid links can appear in the Sponsored box. If there are more than this, Yahoo then rotates all advertisers equally.

Program Limitations

You can only have a Sponsor Listing in a category where you already appear alphabetically. In other words, Avis can be a Sponsor Listing for the Rental Cars category because it appears there in the Alphabetical section. What if it wants to be a Sponsor Listing in the Airline category, since many people flying on airlines later need rental cars. Sorry, that's not allowed, since Avis itself is not one of the airlines listed in the Alphabetical section of that category.

You also cannot customize the description that appears for your site within the Sponsor Listing box. Instead, it will match whatever Yahoo editors have approved for your regular Alphabetical listing.

Also be aware that occasionally, some people who have entered the program have found that when their sites were reviewed and approved, their titles or descriptions may have been changed. In the past, this was a bigger issue because titles and descriptions had a major impact on how sites were ranked in Yahoo's search results. This has been less of a worry since October 2002, when Yahoo began using Google's results in place of its own pure directory search results.

More help and information about Sponsor Listings can be found from Yahoo via the URL below:

Yahoo Sponsor Listings Help