UKMax: New Inktomi-Powered Search Engine for the UK

UKMax, a search engine for the United Kingdom, launched in December. Powered by Inktomi, the service allows users to search only pages within the .uk domain or perform a worldwide search.

Directory listings are also available within some of the UKMax channels. To find them, look for a "Directory" icon on the right-hand side of the page, after entering a channel from the home page. Listings have been developed by UKMax's staff.

UKMax also offers regional news content, weather reports, and portal features such portfolio tracking. A free email offering is promised soon.

The service is currently using the Virginia-based Inktomi index for its search engine results. By February, it should switch over to a new index that Inktomi will host in the UK for its European customers.

"UKMax will be the first site anywhere to use that European cluster," said Dan Conaghan, Vice President of Hollinger Digital UK, which runs the site.

The changeover should provide UKMax users with faster search results, since queries will no longer be sent across the Atlantic. The new index will also provide broader coverage of UK web sites, Conaghan said.

Currently, there is no way for webmasters to submit a site, but an Add URL page is planned soon.

Hollinger Digital is part of Hollinger International, a worldwide media company which also publishes the UK's Daily Telegraph and produces the Inktomi-powered search engine.