Inktomi Gets European Submission Partner

Inktomi named WebGravity in January as its new European partner for its paid inclusion program, and orders can be placed there or with Position Technologies, Inktomi's original US-based partner.

There's no need to submit to both companies. Either one will get your pages listed with Inktomi's paid inclusion system. So, which should you use?

WebGravity has pricing in UK pounds, while Position Technologies has pricing in US dollars. Since both charge your credit cards, it's more an issue of getting a favorable exchange rate rather than actually having the appropriate currency.

Even with the high exchange rate of the dollar vs. the pound, Position Technologies per page pricing is currently cheaper. That may not be so for other currencies. Make your own calculations, then go with the partner that makes sense.

Inktomi Paid Inclusion Program via WebGravity

Inktomi Paid Inclusion Program via Position Tech

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