Yahoo Priority Queue

Yahoo Priority Queue

By Danny Sullivan
Updated: Sept. 15, 2000

The Yahoo Priority Queue was a system established by Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, in response to complaints about the slowness of getting new sites listed in Yahoo.

Jerry posted a message on Nov. 10, 1995 to the now-defunct Internet Marketing Mailing List, which was read by a select group of web marketers, including myself. The original message is at the bottom of this page.

The queue was one of the best-kept secrets on the web, intended originally for the fairly close-knit group of marketers participating in the list at that time who were helping develop the web during its "early" days.

Awareness of the queue grew over the passing years, to the point of someone even posting sparse instructions on how to use it to a popular mailing list in early 1998. That prompted me to finally create a page about the queue available to Search Engine Watch subscribers, to educate them on how to use the queue correctly.

In addition to the original queue, Yahoo also maintained a second priority submission program, or "Password Submission Queue." This was no doubt created because the original program was overrun with abuse. Those in the second program were able to use "The Short Form," where they provided a priority ID and password.

Yahoo tells me officially that that the first program no longer operates, and they won't officially acknowledge that there ever was a second program -- but I've seen the form and had feedback from those who were in the program, so it clearly did exist.

Regardless, Yahoo says that the only priority system now operating is the paid Business Express system, as explained on the How Yahoo Works page.

Jerry Yang's original post is below, but to stress again, this system no longer operates and you should not make use of it.

The Original Post

hi internet marketers,

this is jerry yang, one of the co-founders of yahoo.

i have been following the thread on this mailing list regarding yahoo submissions, and am fully aware of various trouble that participants of this list have in getting their entries listed.

we at yahoo are trying the best we can to come up with a fair and systematic way to include sites. rest assured we do not selectively ignore submissions, there are just not enough hours in the day!

i like to propose a system, to be tried out only on this mailing list.

since many of you on this list are providers of internet services, we believe that you are a very internet savvy group, and we like to target your submissions for better service!

we like to introduce the "yahoo priority queue". we will post (exclusively on lists like this) a "password" to be used for yahoo submissions. that password will enable your entry (entries) to be serviced in a seven (7) day turn around [we will look at your site within that time, but we still reserve the right not to put you in”. (hopefully much sooner).

there is still NO CHARGE for this priority service: in return, we ask that you provide quality submissions, following the guidelines provided by yahoo. we also would appreciate if you link back to yahoo wherever appropriate in your site(s).

please exercise caution and judgement when telling others about this passwd, since doing so will make the queue longer and we'll essentially result in the same situation as we have now.

here are the guidelines we ask you to observe:

1. submit no more than five 5 entries per week/organization in the priority queue.

2. read this is our FAQ for adding - please read all of this, especially #13 (detailed instructions).

** if all the priority submissions follow this guideline, it'll speed up the service rate for everyone involved.

** since many of you will be submitting companies or products, please read the part of the faq regarding difference between "products and services" and "companies".

3. do not abuse this queue - your entries won't be serviced if you repeatedly abuse the passwd.

4. the password: when completing the online web form for submitting your link, provide us in the email field the following: your email address followed by "(yahoo)" [without the quotes, but with the parentheses”. for example, email: (yahoo) would qualify as acceptable.

5. we will CHANGE THE PASSWORD if we think the list is overly full, or if the quality isn't what we expect. this is a trial program in which we are trying provide a better service to those in the internet marketing community, so please think twice before telling others about this, and PLEASE submit quality links.

6. legal stuff: as yahoo is providing this service for free, it is not obligated to provide any service if it so chooses. yahoo also reserves full editorial control over where links are placed. we are not under any legal obligation to provide the service.

again, this is totally experimental, we hope that it serves this community well. thanks for all the support we have gotten over the past months, and we hope this is an effective way of continuing to provide a valuable net resource.

thanks again, we at yahoo are truly appreciative of all the support we have been getting, especially from this community. we hope we can return the favor by helping you!

jerry yang