AltaVista Add URL Update and Briefs

First, AltaVista reports that its Add URL system is indeed still taking submissions and that "significant" numbers of URLs have been added to the index. However, they are still processing a backlog. Submissions have been added in batches, with the next one scheduled for sometime this week, and the frequency is planned to increase as we move forward into December and the New Year. I'll bring you more news as I hear it -- meanwhile, the best advice is to watch for your missing pages and resubmit the key ones each week, if they fail to appear.

In other news, AltaVista is also to acquire the Raging Bull financial community site in a stock swap, it was announced on Nov. 29. AltaVista also announced in mid-November that its free Internet access service hits 800,000 subscribers after three months of operations. AltaVista says that makes it the seventh largest ISP in the US.


AltaVista Free Access

Raging Bull

AltaVista plans share sale, considers merger
Bloomberg, Dec. 1, 1999

Could AltaVista and Lycos hookup? There's been talks, according to this very brief report.