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The main site is aimed at those in the United States or those worldwide seeking English-language web sites. However, Yahoo also maintains a variety of non-US, non-English language editions. A list of these can be found at the bottom of the home page. Home Page

While has shifted from using its Yahoo Directory to provide its main Web Matches results to instead using Google's results, it remains to be seen what will happen at the various country-specific editions of Yahoo. Each country could decide to maintain using directory results for its main listings. Given this, you may be wondering if you should submit to the Yahoo Directory at or at one of the other Yahoos, in order to appear well. To help, here's some general historic advice:

If you are listed in the Yahoo Directory run by, then your site will be available to anyone searching at a non-US but English-language edition of Yahoo, such as Yahoo Canada. This means you do not need to submit to these other editions of Yahoo.

If you are listed in the Yahoo Directory run by, you MIGHT show up at non-US, non-English language editions of Yahoo, such as Yahoo Denmark, if someone searches there in English. However, if a particular non-English language edition is important to you, then you should seek to get a separate listing from that edition.

If you are listed at a non-US but English-language edition of the Yahoo Directory, such as Yahoo Canada's, then your site will be available to those searching the Yahoo Directory at This means you do not need to do a submission to

If your site is not in the English language, then you must submit only to an appropriate country-specific or language-specific edition of Yahoo. Submission tips for these can be found below:

Non-English Yahoos

Being listed at a non-English language edition of Yahoo means you will NOT appear in the Yahoo Directory at In order to appear in this, you'll need to create an English-language version of your site and then submit to

Each Yahoo edition may have its own directory submission support email address. You should use these when following up on a submission to a particular version. Check the edition's help pages or contact page to see if an address is listed. Some known pages with support addresses are below:

Yahoo Australia & New Zealand: Support Email

Yahoo Canada: Support Email

Yahoo United Kingdom & Ireland: Support Email

When submitting to any particular Yahoo edition, you are likely to have more success getting listed if your site is written in the appropriate language and has a domain name for that particular country. The tips on the More About Countries And Languages page cover this more.

The article below also provides some more specific tips about submitting to Yahoo UK & Ireland as well as "Express" submit options via Yahoo Italy.

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