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General Notes

Hello Everyone-

This is a short mid-month update. I'm taking advantage of a slowdown in breaking news to do some revisions and work on pages within the site.

Search Engine Notes

AltaVista URL Command Broken

No, it's not your imagination. AltaVista's url: feature is definitely not working properly. I have a message out about this but haven't heard back yet. If you are searching for pages, try the host: command, instead. Information on using this can be found at the page below. See the "Site Search" section.

Power Searching For Anyone


Direct Hit Makes European Debut

Direct Hit popularity results will be made available to users of UKMax, a search engine serving the UK, through a new deal announced on March 17. Direct Hit results will be presented as an option, not as a replacement to the service's Inktomi-powered results. The Direct Hit option should appear in about four to five weeks, UKMax says.


UKMax: New Inktomi-Powered Search Engine for the UK
The Search Engine Update, Jan. 5, 1999

More about UKMax.

HotBot Integrates Popularity Into Top Results
The Search Engine Update, March 3, 1999

More about how Direct Hit works.


Search Boxes For Everyone

Ever wonder how to add a search box for your favorite search engine within your own web site? Edwin Hayward makes it easy. His site provides instructions for adding search boxes for many major search engines and a wide variety of specialty services.

A Search Engine for Your Site


Dynamic Doorblock Solution

Those who use dynamic page delivery systems may encounter problems getting search engines to crawl their sites. One of my colleagues from, which deals with Active Server Page authoring, suggests XBuilder as a perfect solution. This software product will create static pages so that search engines can crawl your site, among other features. The software is for Windows platforms and priced at US $550.


Search Engines and Dynamic Pages


Go2Net Begins Ad Campaign

Go2Net, which incorporates the MetaCrawler search service, is to begin spreading the word about its portal site through offline advertising in the US, through print and outdoor ads. The campaign will run through 1999 and also incorporates stepped up online efforts.



Northern Light To Do Government Search

Northern Light has been chosen by the National Technical Information Service to develop a search site covering US government information. The new site is scheduled for launch this spring.

Northern Light


SearchUK Adds Clustering

SearchUK has introduced a clustering feature that helps prevents pages from one web site from dominating the top search results. The feature is also customizable. Users can choose to allow only between one to five pages per site to be displayed. A grouping feature also allows results to be reorganized by or grouped by domain class, such as commercial, academic or governmental. Clustering options appear at the top of results pages, while grouping options appear at the bottom.


Search Engine Articles

Seek And You Shall Find... Eventually
ClickZ, March 17, 1999

Sean Carton expresses the frustrations that many feel over the complexity of search engine submissions and calls for standardization.


Mapping Yahoo's future, March 16, 1999,5,33555,00.html

A long interview with Yahoo President Jeff Mallett that covers where Yahoo has been and where it may be going, in relation to acquisitions and partnerships. It doesn't really leave you feeling like you've learned much, however.


Paul Allen's vision: Net search on TV
Bloomberg, March 15, 1999,4,33748,00.html

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen intends to purchase up to 26 percent of Go2Net, which incorporates the MetaCrawler search service.


Psst Want to Buy a Keyword?
Industry Standard, March 8, 1999,1449,3871,00.html

One of the better articles on the issues revolving around the Playboy and Estee Lauder lawsuits against Excite, over banner advertisements involving their trademarks. It includes a survey of the different policies search engines have, at least for those who were willing to answer the question. This shouldn't be a mystery to a curious public and potential advertisers. Each search engine should have or should establish a policy on this issue.

End Notes

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