JimTools Utilities

The JimTools site is a collection of free utilities designed for webmasters, some of which are specifically designed for search engine marketing purposes. In particular, this review focuses on the site's Keyword Research tools.

The GoTo Keyword Wizard takes a term, then checks on bids for that term at GoTo. For instance, enter "travel," and you'll be shown how much is being bid for the top spot for that word, the number five spot, the number ten spot and so on, in increments of five. It's a quick way to see at-a-glance if there are sweet spots that you can exploit. The tool also automatically reports on any related terms that GoTo suggests. For instance, entering "travel" also brings back results for "airline travel" and "discount travel."

The Research Keywords tool provides you with related keyword suggestions. Give it a term, then it checks for top ranking pages at major search engines, then looks at the meta tags on this page. The information is all combined into a list of terms that may be related to your primary term. Annoyingly, the frames interface made it very difficult to save the actual results to disk.

The Analyze Keywords tool examines your page, then shows you the most common single words plus the most common two word and three word phrases. How best to use this tool? Imagine you have a page that you'd like to be found for a particular term or phrase. Run this tool against it, then see if you really are making use of that term to some degree of frequency. You don't need to go overboard -- don't repeat your important terms hundreds of times. However, if you find you are using them only once or twice, or not at all, you should probably increase the usage within your copy to make them more common. By the way, I found a bug that makes this tool fail if you enable the "ignore title tag" command.

Beyond keyword research, you'll also find a site submission tool and a position checker at JimTools. I haven't tested the submission tool, but it looks to automatically send a URL to major and minor crawler based search engines, then also to low-traffic human-powered directories, then finally to nearly 200 Free For All (FFA) link sites. I always feel it is generally best to do a manual submission to the major crawler-based services, so those who are conservative may wish to bypass the search engine option. However, the directory and especially the FFA options offer a fast way to get your URL out to many minor places across the web. Just don't expect that these places will bring in a ton of traffic. As for the position checker, it wasn't working when I visited.

JimTools Keyword Research Tools

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