Yahoo Loses CEO & Other Search Financial News

Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle is stepping down, and the company issued warnings that its revenue for the year will be well below original estimates. In response, a wave of stories have appeared about Yahoo's fall from grace. A recap of stories can be found below, along with some other search engine financial news, such as Google saying it will be profitable by the third quarter of this year and portals considering subscription fee options.

Yahoo Lowers The Net
Time, March 19, 2001,9171,102080,00.html

Can Yahoo be saved?, March 8, 2001

Yahoo searches for new CEO, issues revenue warning, March 7, 2001

Yahoo CEO To Step Down, March 7, 2001,2198,3531_707741,00.html

Is Yahoo's Price Right for Eisner Now
Business Week, March 9, 2001

Disney chairman Michael Eisner has suggested his company might be interested in Yahoo -- at the right price. Given that Disney has already driven one popular search-oriented site into the ground, (aka Infoseek), one wonders how long it would take for the company to destroy Yahoo.

As the Web turns from free to fee
MSNBC, March 13, 2001

Companies, including portals, are hoping to make money by charging for some services that they previously offered for free.

Publishers React to Yahoo Revenue Cuts, March 12, 2001,,12_710311,00.html

Survey of how other portals are hoping to diversify earnings.

Google's Larry Page: Good Ideas Still Get Funded
Business Week, March 13, 2001

How Google got its financial start (120 hard drives charged to personal, friends and family credit cards) and plans to hit profitability later this year.

Inktomi Is Pricey for a Company That Has Hit the Reset Button, March 2, 2001

A look at Inktomi's stock valuation and a change to keep employees happy with a new options offering.