Search Engine Optimization Resources

In addition to telling you about some new search engine optimization resources below, I though it would also be helpful to remind people of the search engine optimization categories available at the major directories. To think, when I first submitted Search Engine Watch to Yahoo back in 1996, no search engine optimization category existed. Now, not only is there a category, but there's a further one devoted to meta tags. Meanwhile, the editors at the Open Directory have been hyperactive in compiling links on the topics from across the web. Within their area, you'll find over 800 links to tips on meta tags, keyword research, tutorials, forums, newsletters and more. Have fun exploring!

Yahoo: Search Engine Placement Improvement

Open Directory: Search Engine Submitting and Positioning

LookSmart: Web Site Promotion Advice and Tips

Snap: Web Marketing,16,home-35000,00.html

Tips on submitting to search engines, as well as searching the web and a guide to various search engines worldwide.

Spider Food

Comprehensive guide to issues about search engine submission and optimization. Lots of how to information.

Search Engine Success - Ten Easy Steps
About Web Search Guide, April 4, 2000

Fairly recent overview of the basics of search engine optimization, with links to many great tools resources for further information.

Word Of Net Visibility Index

New service that tries to tell you how visible you are, with 1000 being a top score. You can run a free report to see how you rank in one of several broad categories. I haven't yet tried the subscription based service, but a review of it may come in a future issue. A signup form for the service was not yet on the site, when I checked.