Kanoodle Feeds Lycos & Other Paid Listings News

Kanoodle has a new route to place you on Lycos.com inexpensively. The company has purchased over 1,000 "Start Here" links from Lycos, for terms such as "affiliate marketing" and "zip drive." Anyone who is the number one bidder for these terms at Kanoodle will show up as the Start Here link at Lycos.

In addition, if you purchase one of the selected terms, your link is also supposed to be distributed as a "Start Here" link at the top of results at AllTheWeb.com, as well, though this wasn't working when I checked on it today.

Kanoodle was offering a list showing all the terms it had purchased from Lycos, but the company says it had to remove this, for contractual reasons. Instead, Kanoodle is working on a new way to show existing clients which terms it can provide Start Here placement for.

Start Here links at Lycos appear at the very bottom of the "Products & Services" area of the search results page (or the "Featured Listings" or the "Sponsored Search Listings" area. All are names used within the last month). The main listings in this area continue to come from Overture, but the Start Here links are an alternative paid listing option you can explore.

Start Here links are sold by Lycos itself. They sell for about $35 to $60 CPM (that's 1,000 impressions), depending on volume purchased and the keywords involved.

An exception here is for any of the keywords that Kanoodle now sells. To appear for any of the terms Kanoodle has purchased from Lycos, you need to be the top bidder for that term at Kanoodle, to appear as the Lycos Start Here link.

Over in the Europe, UK-based Espotting picked up both its 4,000 advertiser -- Ford -- as well as a new distribution outlet, AltaVista France. The company distributes its paid listing to a wide range of other partners in Europe, including Lycos, Ask Jeeves, UK Plus, and Netscape Search.

And in some older developments from my files, FindWhat expanded its placements in portions of the CNET network in October, while ValleyAlley.com's paid listings were added to Mamma.com in mid-September.




Lycos Start Here Links

More about Lycos Start Here links, which you can purchase directly from the Lycos advertising department, if they are not one of the terms prepurchased by Kanoodle.


FindWhat.com Expands CNET Deal
@NY, Oct. 1, 2001