The Search Engine Update, Sept. 20, 1999, Number 61

September 20, 1999 - Number 61

By Danny Sullivan
Editor, Search Engine Watch

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+ General Notes
+ Mid-Month Recap
+ Search Engine Articles
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General Notes

Hello Everyone--

I'm still working on some updates to the Subscribers-Only Area and elsewhere within the site, so I will keep this newsletter to just a quick recap of major developments. Expect longer follow-ups where appropriate in the next newsletter.

Within the public area of the site, the Search Engine Sizes and Directory Sizes pages have been updated -- see What's New for links to them. The site's home page has also been redesigned, and a guide to the changes can also be found on What's New.

What's New

Within the Subscribers-Only Area, I've revised the pages for MSN Search and AltaVista. I've also made numerous minor updates to pages within the Fact Files area. A new offline edition has also been posted. Links to these pages can be found off the Subscribers-Only Area What's New page.

Subscribers-Only Area What's New Page

Subscribers-Only Area

Password Finder

Search Engine News

Mid-Month Recap

+ AOL NetFind has now been replaced by the new AOL Search service. AOL Search combines information from the Open Directory and Inktomi. Expect a longer review next newsletter. In the meantime, this is another reason to ensure your site is listed with the Open Directory. See the page below for more information.

AOL Search

How The Open Directory Works

+ Google is due to come out of beta on Sept. 21. The live version will have a new related pages feature, along with text ads (which will be distinguished from normal search results). Google also plans an index expansion to 200 million web pages, in the coming weeks.


+ Go's new Go Guides directory has gone live. Similar to the Open Directory, Go Guides makes use of volunteers to catalog the web. The article below provides more details about the service.


Go Guides

Go Beta Tests User-Assisted Directory

+ No, it's not your imagination -- AltaVista does indeed appear to have gone nuts. Numerous people are reporting that repeating the same query within seconds at the service can produce completely different results, and I've confirmed the same problem. Moreover, the service seems to indicate that its index of web pages has risen to over 300 million. I'll be following up on these issues.


Search Engine Articles

Infoseek executive arrested on solicitation charges
Bloomberg, Sept. 18, 1999

A top Infoseek exec is charged with trying to solicit sex with a minor via the Internet.


How kept a top idea guy
Red Herring, Sept. 8, 1999

Why did Amazon want Alexa? Still no specifics, but somewhere in all that data is a better way to improve electronic commerce, Amazon hopes.


On the Internet, there is such thing as free labor, Sept. 7, 1999

A look at labor issues involved with using volunteers to build directories.


Yahoo Two-Faced on Spam
Wired, Aug. 27, 1999

Interesting story where Yahoo's advice to Yahoo Store owners to gain links conflicted with its Yahoo Mail guidelines. However, I wouldn't consider true the other suggestion that Yahoo's tips regarding search engines were meant to encourage search engine spamming.


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