WebPosition Adds New Engines; Other Rank Checkers Emerging

WebPosition Gold has released an updated version of its software that adds support for checking rankings at several paid placement search engines and provides an upgraded visitor tracking service.

New to the WebPosition Gold line up are FindWhat, Kanoodle, Ah-Ha, and Bay9, all paid placement services.

As for traffic analysis, the WebPosition Traffic Analyzer is now powered by HitsLink. The analyzer allows you to discover typical information that can be revealed by log analysis, such as the web sites that are sending you traffic, the path visitors take through your site, search engines that send you traffic and the search terms used at those search engines to find you.

The analyzer is an additional service, free to WebPosition Gold users for up to 90 days, then requiring a fee after that or display of a banner.

There are also some new rank checking tools that have emerged relatively recently, and I've listed a few that are probably worth a look, below. I may do longer reviews of these, in the future.

WebPosition Gold

WebPosition Traffic Analyzer

90-day trial open to WebPosition Gold users -- your serial number will be required. You can also establish a new account apparently by opening the Traffic Analyzer window in WebPosition Gold and press CTRL-ALT-N. After the trial, free service can continue if a HitsLink banner is displayed. Otherwise, pricing begins at $10 per month and rises based on traffic.


Don't have WebPosition? You can still use the HitsLink service, but you'll pay a bit more, unless you opt for the banner-based free version.

WebPosition Traffic Analyzer

30-day trial available to anyone.


Similar traffic analysis solution provided by WebSideStory, with free and fee-based accounts.

WebTrends Live

Similar traffic analysis solution provided by WebTrends

The Counter

Similar traffic analysis solution provided by INT Media. (FYI, Search Engine Watch is also published by INT Media, but there's no other connection between the site and The Counter. If you like it and want to use it, great -- if you like another service and want to use it, that's great, too.)


Online services that monitors rankings in 50 US and European search engines.


Reader Steve Hayward suggested this free tool that allows you to check rankings on a variety of major US and European search engines.


New online-based rank checking service currently offered on a free basis, with rank checking for up to 30 keywords against up to 30 domains.

Search Engine Position Reporter

Free tool that checks ranking at UK-specific search engines.

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