The Search Engine Update, October 3, 2000, Number 86

October 3, 2000 - Number 86

By Danny Sullivan
Editor, Search Engine Watch
Copyright (c) 2000 corporation


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In This Issue

+ Conference News
+ Inktomi Launches Pay For Inclusion System
+ LookSmart Acquires Zeal Community Directory
+ AltaVista Layoff Articles
+ US Government Search Site Launches
+ Petition To Save Newsgroup Archives
+ SavvySearch Absorbed By
+ More Ways To Find Articles
+ Sound Search Engine Available
+ Interesting Search Engine Articles
+ List Info (Subscribing/Unsubscribing)


Hello Everyone--

This is an unusual issue in that there are no lengthy articles (is that relief I hear?). Just as I began writing this week, news came that my grandmother had passed away. I'm taking time to attend her funeral and be with my family. My planned articles and a return to a normal newsletter format will come next time.


Conference News

The next Search Engine Strategies conference is just over a month away, coming to Dallas on November 9. I'll be presenting and moderating sessions at the conference that features experts on search engine marketing issues and panelists from the various major search engines themselves. Services participating in the panels so far include, Inktomi, LookSmart, NBCi and RealNames. In addition to the main track about search engine marketing issues, new concurrent sessions will cover making your own site searchable for visitors and creating a vertical search engine. We're also planning a series of roundtable discussions that will cover advanced search engine marketing issues. Details about the conference, for attendees or potential sponsors and exhibitors, can be found via the URL below.

Search Engine Strategies 2000 - Dallas


Inktomi Launches Pay For Inclusion System

In July, Inktomi announced that it would launch a pay for inclusion program with Network Solutions. While that program is still being developed, a far more substantial program has been launched in partnership with MediaDNA. MediaDNA has a product called eLuminator, which spiders web sites and creates optimized pages for search engines. MediaDNA clients will now have their pages guaranteed to be listed in Inktomi's index, though no ranking boost is provided. The eLuminator product is especially designed for sites that have content locked behind password protected areas, as it can make that content visible to search engines without giving it away for free to unregistered users. I'll be describing the pay for inclusion program at Inktomi, as well as those at Ask Jeeves and LookSmart, in more depth in the next issue. In the meantime, more information about eLuminator can be found at the MediaDNA site.



Inktomi To Offer Paid Submit Option
The Search Engine Update, Aug. 2, 2000

More about the Inktomi-Network Solutions partnership, with a few more details about eLuminator, at the end.


LookSmart Acquires Zeal Community Directory

LookSmart has purchased the community search site. Similar to the Open Directory, uses volunteer editors to organize web sites into categories. I'll do a longer look at the acquisition and how the two directories will be combined in a future issue.


Community Search Blossoms
The Search Engine Report, July 5, 2000

A look at various "community search" sites that use volunteers to assemble listings.

Looksmart Plays Community Trump Card with Zeal Acquisition
Traffick, Oct. 1, 2000

More information about the acquisition.


AltaVista Layoff Articles

I wrote last issue about the breaking news of layoffs at AltaVista. The articles below provide some more details on the business issues.

AltaVista Refuels Drive To Profitability
Forbes, Sept. 18, 2000

AltaVista lays off 225
CNNfn, Sept. 15, 2000

AltaVista slashes work force by 25 percent, Sept. 15, 2000


US Government Search Site Launches

A new service providing searchable access to information from the US government plus US state and local governments has launched. Called FirstGov, it allows both keyword searching or browse by category selection.


FirstGov: Not Yet Prime-Time Web Search Guide, Sept. 25, 2000

Background on the FirstGov project, plus a review.

Impartiality Of E-Government Portal Questioned
NewsBytes, Oct. 2, 2000

There's controversy over the licensing of FirstGov results to other services that may wish to use them.


Petition To Save Newsgroup Archives

I wrote last month about how only the past year of newsgroup archives are currently available at Now a petition to restore access to previous years has been posted.

Keep the Deja Archive Alive Petition

Newsgroup Searching: And Then There Was One
The Search Engine Report, Sept. 4, 2000

More about newsgroup searching at


SavvySearch Absorbed By

A year ago, Cnet acquired the SavvySearch meta search site, then later used the technology to power its site. However, the SavvySearch site continued to operate as a standalone service. This is now no longer the case. Attempts to reach now redirect users to

Movement In Meta Search
The Search Engine Report, May 3, 2000

More background on SavvySearch and the Cnet purchase.


More Ways To Find Articles

After last month's article about ways to find newspaper and magazine articles online, two tips to other resources rolled in. I haven't had a chance to review these sites myself yet, but they are all likely worth checking out.


Allows you to find articles, plus you can order results by date or publisher. Articles can also be found by browsing a directory structure.

King County Library System

Many public libraries offer access to databases of magazine articles, such as the system above from Washington State's King County. It's available to anyone with a King County library card -- check with your own public library to see if it offers a similar service.

Finding Articles Online
The Search Engine Report, Sept. 4, 2000

Last month's story on article searching at and Northern Light.


Sound Search Engine Available

Looking for sound files? A new search engine called FindSounds lets you locate sound effects across the web in AIFF, AU and WAV formats.

Search Engine Articles

Using Doorway Pages to Register .asp Web Sites
ClickZ, Sept. 27, 2000

Discusses a tool that can make your ASP web sites search engine friendly. Also be sure to read for more about registering dynamically generated web sites with search engines.


NBCi Unveils Personalized Portal Service, Sept. 25, 2000,,3_468141,00.html

Some further news about the transition of Snap into NBCi. I'll also be looking at these changes more in a future issue.


Solutions for Dynamic Page Registration
ClickZ, Sept. 20, 2000

More general tips on registering dynamically generated pages.


GPulp Opens Up Web Searches
Wired, Sept. 18, 2000,1282,38836,00.html

Peer-to-peer Napster-style searching continues to attract attention, and a group of developers are working on an open source solution they hope will become a standard.


Disney's Changes Direction With Web Site
San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 15, 2000

Some more details about business motives behind changes at As with the changes at NBCi (Snap), I'll be following up on the Go changes shortly.

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