Inside Yahoo!

Yahoo is a "portal" site, which means it provides a lot of information of its own to users. To alert searchers to this information, Yahoo will identify its own content in the Inside Yahoo! section that often appears at the top of the search results page and at the top of directory category pages, as shown below:


As you can see, a search for "cell phones" found matching listings from Yahoo's shopping area, its Yellow Pages section, its mobile content and its news area.

Listings in these areas and others at Yahoo are all generated in different ways. For example, auction listings come from people who have opened accounts at Yahoo Auctions and place items up for bid.

Because Inside Yahoo! matches links appear right at the top of search results and category pages, you can expect that many people will click on them. That gives you an important alternative means to generate traffic from Yahoo other than just being listed in Web Matches, Sponsor Matches or the Yahoo Directory.

The next sections deal with two important areas where you might be listed within Yahoo: Yahoo Full Coverage and Yahoo Shopping.

Yahoo Full Coverage

Yahoo Full Coverage is a collection of pages about particular news topics, created by a small team of Yahoo editors. Each page contains links to news sources, individual articles and related web sites.

Typically, if you search on a subject with a corresponding Full Coverage page, then a link to that page will appear in the Inside Yahoo! section of the search results page.

Each Full Coverage page contains some basic sections. The "News Stories" section will be top headlines from wire services and other major news sites. Below that is a "Related Web Sites" section that lists sites providing continuing coverage of that particular topic. To the left of the page are stories organized into categories such as "Opinion & Editorials" and "Magazine Articles."

The Yahoo Full Coverage editors do accept submissions for the pages they build. If you feel your site or articles belong in a Full Coverage category, review what's already there to ensure you meet the current standard. Assuming so, then you need to contact the Full Coverage editors. Do this either by using this special form:

Yahoo Full Coverage Submission Form

There is no particular submission format required, but it helps to be brief and concise. The editors review many submissions, so you need to succinctly explain why your site is relevant to be listed in a Full Coverage category. Or, if you are submitting a particular article, consider providing the headline, the name of your publication and the publication date. This is information Full Coverage lists for every story, so providing it should make it easier for any editor who decides to list your story. Also consider including a short summary of the story, so they know about more about it.

You can find a complete list of current Full Coverage pages here:

Yahoo Full Coverage

And here is more help about submitting to Full Coverage:

How do I submit a link to Full Coverage?

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo has a special shopping area called Yahoo Shopping, and links to it appear in the Inside Yahoo! section of both search results pages and category pages, when relevant. The site also can be reached via its home page, below:

Yahoo Shopping

All of the links described help drive some users at Yahoo into Yahoo Shopping. Consequently, if you are listed with Yahoo Shopping, you can pick up relevant traffic from Yahoo.

The bulk of Yahoo Shopping's listings come from those who operate stores through the Yahoo Store system. This system is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create an online shopping site. You can learn more via the Yahoo Store site itself:

Yahoo Store

Anyone who opens a Yahoo Store automatically gets listed within Yahoo Shopping. Both your store's "merchant listing" or its individual products may come up in Yahoo Shopping search results. Given this, even if you already operate your own web site, you may want to open a Yahoo Store and list some products there, in order to tap into traffic from Yahoo Shopping.

Here's also a recent article about how some merchants have been pushing others out of the listings at Yahoo Shopping:

Some Yahoo sellers splitting personalities, Feb. 21, 2002