Inktomi To Increase Inclusion Prices

The price of submitting pages through Inktomi's self-serve paid inclusion program is set to rise on Nov. 28 by more than double, in some cases, so now's the time to act, if you've been considering the program.

The new pricing for the Search Submit program will be $39 for the first URL (a 30 percent increase), and $25 for each additional URL (a 67 to 108 percent increase). This is a more simplified structure than the old "three tier" system that most partners sold, which looked like this:

First URL: $30
URLs 2-20: $15
URLs 21-1000: $12

I wish Inktomi had made things even easier by having one single price per URL, but the company is trying to recover account setup fees, in the price for the first URL.

Pricing will still cover inclusion in the Inktomi index and revisits every two days, for up to a year. However, the ability to change URLs will be curtailed. Beginning in mid-December, you will only be able to change the file name of a URL, not the hosted domain.

In other words, under the old system, I could have paid to register this URL:

Later, I could have changed the URL to lead to a completely different domain, such as:

Under the new rules, I could only swap the URL to lead to another file within the domain, such as:

Why the change?

"This feature is being exploited by spammers who can readily change the URLs as soon as Inktomi editorial identifies and blacklists their host," said Inktomi spokesperson Christy Peters.

The curtailment on URL swapping will happen with all Inktomi Search Submit partners, and existing accounts with any of them will NOT be "grandfathered." That means even if you open an account before the new rules go into effect in mid-December, you'll still be subject to them.

The price changes are expect to go live with all Inktomi's Search Submit partners as of Nov. 28, but the date could change, if a particular partner is not yet ready. That's what's happened with the original price increase date of Nov. 16. Also be aware that the prices noted are Inktomi's "list prices." A partner could possibly charge more, so shop around.

Even with the price increases, Inktomi's program still remains about half the price of AltaVista's, when calculated over a year. Nevertheless, the hikes might make exploring Inktomi's Index Connect program worthwhile. That charges on a cost per click basis and is particularly suited to those with many URLs they wish to list.

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