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General Notes

Hello Everyone-

I'm happy to announce that my wife gave birth to our first child last Friday, a son we've named Declan. I'm taking some time to enjoy our new arrival and master my diaper-changing skills, which means this mid-month update is rather brief.

I'll follow up on the major stories below in more depth next issue, in particular the Yahoo express submission service.

Within the Subscribers-Only Area, you'll find that articles previously listed on the Portals Feature Chart have now been moved to a new Portals page. Also, numerous pages in the Fact File section have been updated. Links to all of these can be found on the Subscribers-Only Area home page.

Within the main site, the Media Metrix and NetRatings search engine ratings pages have been updated. Also updated are the Search Engine Reviews page and the Search Engine Reviews Chart. Links to all of these pages can be found on the What's New page.

Subscribers-Only Area

What's New

Search Engine News

Yahoo Opens Express Submission Service

Yahoo has introduced an express listing request service, something it considered late last year, along with a suite of new offerings for small businesses. The service doesn't guarantee that a site will be listed, but it does assure that a site will be reviewed and given a yes or no response within seven days. More on this next issue.

Yahoo Business Express

More details about the service. It's not available to all sites.

Yahoo Considers Express Submission Service
The Search Engine Report, Oct. 5, 1998

Explains some of the reasons why Yahoo has created the new service.


Lycos To Merge With USA Network

Lycos is to merge with USA Network, a media company which owns properties such as the Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster Online and CitySearch. The proposed merger has not pleased some investors, who are expressing concerns Lycos may be undervalued in the deal. I expect to bring more details in the next issue on how this merger may transform the existing Lycos service. Meanwhile, here are some news articles on the merger.

Lycos, Ticketmaster-Citysearch Merging, Feb. 9, 1999,1087,3_65891,00.html

USA Networks to buy Lycos, Feb. 9, 1999,4,32162,00.html

USA Networks Buys Lycos
Wired News, Feb. 9, 1999

Lycos' Davis Defends Deal
Reuters, Feb. 10, 1999

Lycos falls on investor concern and suit
Bloomberg, Feb. 10, 1999,4,32247,00.html

Can USA Networks turn Lycos into an e-commerce winner?
Red Herring, Feb. 11, 1999

Lycos Plans Merger With USA Networks
Industry Standard, Feb. 12, 1999,1449,3525,00.html

Search Engine Articles

Compaq Acquires Zip2, Feb. 16, 1999,1087,3_68791,00.html

Compaq is to purchase Zip2, which specializes in creating local portals for media partners such as newspapers. Compaq hopes the purchase will help its e-commerce goals for AltaVista.


Pointed Clicks: Right Ad, Right Person, Right Time
ClickZ, Feb. 16, 1999

A look at ways to better target banner advertising at search engines, with a particular emphasis on Lycos.


Infoseek Goes shopping
Red Herring, Feb. 12, 1999

The Go Network plans to roll out a comparison shopping site soon, and it will be powered by Inktomi technology, rather than the Quando system Infoseek acquired last year.


AltaVista Takes Stake in Video Search Firm, Feb. 9, 1999,1087,7_65951_,00.html

AltaVista has made a 10 percent investment in video and image search company Virage.


Can Compaq PC execs succeed in portals?, Feb. 2, 1999,4,31818,00.html

Many of the executives behind the new AltaVista company come from a computer hardware background. Are these the right people to run a media company, or do they need help? Analysts say so (and I'd agree).


Hi-tech rivals search for sticky Web sites
Wall St. Journal, Feb. 1999

You've probably read this stuff before about how portal sites are trying to make themselves "sticky" with features that keep users around. If not, here's a recap with some fresh stats, such as average user sessions at Yahoo having gone up from 41 minutes to an hour between September and December 1998 thanks to sticky services.

End Notes

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