Yahoo Loses International Directors & Other Search Financial News

The heads of Yahoo Europe, Asia, Canada, Korea and Yahoo's China operations have all resigned recently. Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle told the Financial Times of London last week that these were "lifestyle choices" rather than signs of problems with Yahoo's international operations. Some analysts disagree. A recap of stories on the topic, along with some other interesting stories related to search engine finances.

Another international Yahoo exec departs
Reuters, March 2, 2001,4586,2691935,00.html

The head of Yahoo Canada resigns, plus Yahoo puts stock protections in place to protect itself from a hostile takeover.

At Yahoo, an International Exodus
The Standard, Feb. 26, 2001,1151,22444,00.html

It's coincidence that everyone is leaving, says Yahoo. No way, says this article. A look at some official reasons given for the departures.

Yahoo's World Wide Woes
Forbes, Feb. 23, 2001

When the international going gets tough, your well-compensated international directors may just decide to get going elsewhere, this article concludes.

Yahoo feels the heat overseas, Feb. 20, 2000

More than 40 percent of Yahoo's traffic comes from overseas, but only 15 percent of its revenue does. Closing this gap was seen as helping Yahoo ride out the dotcom slump, but bridging the chasm is harder than expected.

Independence the only choice for Yahoo
ZDNet Interactive Investor, Feb. 26, 2001

Despite the continuing calls that Yahoo needs to merge with another player, this commentary says such a move would make no sense.

Fees on Yahoo a tough sell
CBS Marketwatch, Feb. 22, 2001

Since Yahoo introduced auction fees to generate new revenue, listings have dropped by 85 percent. However, Yahoo says sales have stayed the same, suggesting that quality listings attracting buyers continue to be posted.

MSN-UK Portal Likely to Charge Subscription Fee, Feb. 26, 2001,,8_598491,00.html

Like Yahoo, MSN is wondering whether it can make money from its portal through subscription fees. The UK edition doesn't see email as a premium service, but news, sports and classified advertising content could be targeted.

Another Terra Lycos Departure, Feb. 22, 2001,1928,2001_595951,00.html

Yahoo's not the only place losing top directors. The COO of Terra Lycos departs, following two other high-profile resignations.

WebTop sacks two thirds of workforce
The Register, March 1, 2001

UK-based search service WebTop cuts its staff to concentrate on business development.

NBCi Losses Not As Bad As Predicted, Feb. 13, 2001,2198,3531_588251,00.html

NBCi said that its forecasted loss for the fourth-quarter was less than predicted.