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WebPosition is already an outstanding software tool for checking positions within search engines, but now the package is being taken a step further with the addition of page creation, submission and tracking features.

The various tools are bundled into a suite called WebPosition Gold, which will be available in full release on August 30. However, a beta version is available for download now, via the link below.

The page creation tools will probably be of interest to most people initially, especially with the marketing pitch of a guaranteed top ten ranking and a product press release that talks of "backwards engineering" search engine algorithms.

The product is heavily in beta, and the Page Generator tool isn't working completely in my version. But the key thing is that it won't magically create top ranking pages for you. Instead, it is really designed to help guide people through the many rules that can help improve a page's position.

Rather than a backward engineering attempt, it is more a knowledge base. When finished, it will probably be most useful to novices getting started with web site promotion, helping them build new pages or enhance existing ones to be more search engine friendly.

The Page Critic also is in very rough form, but this is a tool designed more for the experienced promoter. It will analyze a page against known rules for different search engines, and it also allows comparison of a page against other, high-ranking pages.

The rules come from a database on WebPosition's end, where the company is constantly analyzing top pages for various terms, especially those in non-competitive categories, in order to avoid bait-and-switch pages.

The Upload Manager allows pages that have been created or modified to be sent to a web server. Once there, the Submitter submits the pages to the major search engines. It is also designed to warn if a person tries to submit more pages than a search engine allows.

While most people will probably buy the product for the promises of the Page Generator, it is the Traffic Analyzer that will probably be the most valuable new addition to the package. It quickly adds code to web pages, so that referrer data can be tracked.

I'm continually amazed at how many web sites lack access to this crucial information. Referrer information shows the exact links people use to reach a web site, and it can also be analyzed to extract the exact terms used to find a site in a search engine. Marketing without it is like flying blind.

Many people fixate on guessing how their site is being found. Seeing the exact terms will help them better realize when they are being successful for terms they aren't anticipating. It will also stop them from messing with pages that work.

The system is fairly straight-forward. The code causes a tiny GIF file to load from WebPosition's servers. This is enough to cause referrer data to be recorded. It won't work for those visiting with graphics off, but this is a relatively minor problem. It is certainly better than having no log data at all.

Of course, the original part of WebPosition remains, now called The Reporter. This allows you to check your position on the various search engines and features some enhancements that make the tool even better.

Now there is the ability to see all pages that match a term in the summary report, not just the top ranked one. This can also be toggled back to the old style, if desired. You can also export data for any date range without having to rerun a report, an improvement that should be well received.

So what about that top ten ranking guarantee? Actually, it's really an unconditional guarantee that those using the product will be happy, though First Place Software president Brent Winters believes it will help people rank better.

"With all the different methods of analyzing a page, I think they be able to rank well on some keyword phrases," he said. "If they can't get into the top ten for any of their phrases and keywords and feel they got no benefit from the program, than we want to refund their money."

So don't expect WebPosition Gold to put you at the top for "sex" and other popular terms. But chances are, professionals and novices alike will find it a valuable tool, when the final release it ready.

Introductory pricing is $99 for the 10 domain standard version and $199 for the unlimited pro version. Existing users can upgrade for $20 off the prices above. The product is available for purchase now, with a free upgrade to the final version, when ready.

WebPosition Gold

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