The Search Engine Report, 7/23/96, Number 1

Search Engine Watch

7/23/96 - Number 1


•New address: The site is now located at Please be sure to change your bookmark.

•On the road: I'll be taking a four month trip to Alaska, Australia and New Zealand before migrating to England with my British wife. I'll keep the guide as updated as possible during this time. I'm looking to meet up with folks doing interesting things on the Internet along the way. If you'd like me to stop by, my itinerary is at

Site changes Almost every page within the site has been updated. You'll find new information about HotBot, as well as news of Lycos now penalizing those excessively repeating keywords. A Frequently Asked Questions page has also been added.

Search Engine News

•Excite buys Magellan: The purchase was made in early July. The two services will continue to run independently, for now. An article link is on the Resources page.

•Alta Vista joins with Yahoo: Open Text is apparently no longer Yahoo's preferred search engine. Alta Vista is now providing Yahoo with search engine services. More information about what this means is in the Yahoo section of the Major Players page. An article link is on the Resources page.

•Open Text sells keywords: For $2,000 and up, you can have your site appear in the top listings for six months on Open Text. Open Text is the first search engine to do this, and it has caused some controversy. An article link is on the Resources page; a link to Open Text's preferred listings rate card is in the Open Text's section of the Features page.

Alliance Gains and Losses Visit the Strategic Alliances page and compare the current chart to that of 5/96. A number of interesting developments have occured, many caused by the fact that MSN and C|NET's now have rotating "top choice" search engines on their respective pages.

Key: (+) overall gain, (-) overall loss, (?) status quo.

•Alta Vista (+): Now a top search engine choice of both MSN and Two months ago, it wasn't even listed. Alta Vista is now also Yahoo's top search engine choice.

•Excite (+): Now America Online's number two search engine referral, vying with AOL-owned WebCrawler for the attentions of AOL's 5 million+ subscribers. Excite is now also listed at the bottom of Yahoo's search result pages, though it appears near the end of the pack. Excite did drop further down on the page, however.

•HotBot (?): Wired's entry into the search engine competition gains minor footholds on the Netscape search page and at the bottom of Yahoo's search results page.

•Lycos (?): No major alliance gains or losses.

•Magellan (?): The service shoots upward of as a top choice of both MSN and Will the purchase of Magellan by Excite allow this to continue?

•WebCrawler (?): The service became a top choice of, but AOL's is allowing Excite to challenge it for its members' affections.

•Yahoo (?): It slipped down a bit on the page. Otherwise, no major changes.

•Infoseek (-): Formerly's number one choice, InfoSeek is not in the top rotation area and instead appears further down on the page. InfoSeek does now appear at the bottom of Yahoo search results pages, however.

•OpenText (-): One of Open Text's biggest alliances was being Yahoo's preferred search engine for referrals. Now that Alta Vista has supplanted it, it's left with being a number two Yahoo choice and a number seven Netscape choice.