How RealNames Works

RealNames was an alternative web address system designed to make it easier to find web sites using real words. For instance, in the RealNames system, a phrase like "United Airlines" rather than "" would take you directly to the United Airlines web site. The system ceased operating on June 28, 2002. The article below explains the closure in more depth, and previous articles about the RealNames system are also listed.

RealNames To Close After Losing Microsoft
The Search Engine Report, June 3, 2002

RealNames Clones Causing Confusion
The Search Engine Update, Oct. 1, 2002

Since the article above was written, I've received a steady stream of emails
from people who are hearing from other companies that suggest they've|
taken over the role that RealNames used to have with Microsoft.
No one has, and the article below explains how confusion is developing.

Past Articles