Position Checkers Upgraded

Position Checkers Upgraded

From The Search Engine Update
April 30, 1998

A free upgrade for existing users of WebPosition Analyzer is now available. The update for the popular position checking software adds support for Northern Light and Magellan, while dropping the now-defunct Open Text Index. URL searching in WebCrawler is now supported, and there have been other fixes, according to FirstPlace Software, which makes the product.

The web-based checking service RankThis has also added new search services to its line up. Searches can now be done on Snap, Planet Search and GoTo.com.

Don't expect to see support for Northern Light added to RankThis or to competitor PositionAgent. Northern Light has a policy against robots, such as position checkers or metacrawlers, tapping into its listings without a business agreement.

PositionAgent tried to introduce support without such an agreement in March but found itself blocked. RankThis had announced support that month for Northern Light, but then this was dropped. WebPosition could also eventually find its queries blocked.




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