The Search Engine Update, June 22, 1999, Number 55

Search Engine Watch

June 22, 1999 - Number 55

By Danny Sullivan
Editor, Search Engine Watch

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Search Engine News

Mid-Month Roundup

I'm currently on a week's vacation to attend a friend's wedding back home in the US, so I'm only briefly recapping some search engine developments below. I'll be taking a longer look at several of the stories in the next issue.

+ Inktomi has been selected to take over from Excite in powering AOL NetFind and AOL's other search properties, including international versions of AOL NetFind. No changeover date for AOL NetFind has been announced, but Inktomi says the switch is likely to happen later this summer. AOL is also apparently testing a new AOL Search service that will integrate results from across the web and from its own content.

AOL, Inktomi Expand Search Engine Collaboration, June 14, 1999,1087,3_137281,00.html

AOL developing search engine, June 21, 1999,4,0-38085,00.html

+ Inktomi has also announced a new "Directory Engine" product that automatically classifies web sites into categories. An important component of the Inktomi directory engine is that it makes use of link and caching data, among other things, to determine which documents are most popular. Inktomi also says that more use of popularity technology like link analysis has now been integrated into its search results.

Inktomi Introduces Directory Engine, June 15, 1999,1087,3_138151,00.html

+ Snap has announced a deal with GlobalBrain that will make it the first major search service to introduce personalized results. These are expected to appear later this summer. See the articles below for more about GlobalBrain's technology and a similar offering from Direct Hit, which has not yet been implemented by any search service.

GlobalBrain To Offer Profile Searching
The Search Engine Report, Nov. 1998

Direct Hit Debuts Personalized Search
The Search Engine Report, Feb. 1999

+ Lycos and IntelliSeek, maker of the BullsEye desktop search utility, have teamed up to produce an index of search databases to help users find information that is invisible to search engines. The "Invisible Web Catalog" provides links to more than 7,000 specialty search resources. Users can browse listings, or Lycos will suggest appropriate databases within its own search results.

Lycos Invisible Web Catalog

Lycos Debuts Specialized Search, June 7, 1999,1087,3_132491,00.html

+ LookSmart has unveiled a new look that it has been beta testing for the past few months. A notable addition is the inclusion of Direct Hit results. To access them, click on the "Top 10 Most Visited Websites" link that appears above the search results, in the "site matches" section.


Search Engine Articles

Infoseek jumps on talk of buyout by Disney, June 15, 1999,4,37847,00.html

Disney may purchase the rest of Infoseek that it does not already own.

Search Engine Secrets
PC Computing, June 9, 1999,6605,405202,00.html

Easy-to-read guide with tips on searching better, ranking well and specialty search services.

How the Portals Build Their Brands
Industry Standard, June 7, 1999,1449,4840,00.html

At-a-glance look at the TV campaigns being waged by the major portal sites.

Search Engine Torture Test
About Web Search Guide, June 4, 19999

Chris Sherman tries some common queries on the major search engines to see how they perform. He found Infoseek did best, AltaVista and Excite worst (though Excite got a thumbs-up for its movie results), and Lycos to be good -- as long as you don't mind being rerouted to content within its own site.

Google's search results: Kleiner and Sequoia
Red Herring, June 3, 1999

Google gets $25 million mostly from two major venture capital firms, and unusually, from firms with investments in other competing search engines.

Find It on the Web
PC World, June 1999,1212,10727+1+0,00.html

Comprehensive summary of major search services and a wide-variety of specialty search tools, plus search utilities and general tips.

Focused crawling: a new approach to topic-specific Web resource discovery
IBM Almaden Research Center, May 1999

Winner of the Best Paper Prize at last month's WWW8 conference, this technical document from the organization behind CLEVER covers the use of custom crawling and link analysis to create lists of relevant web sites.

Can a Slooth Specialist Help You?
WebPex, May 1999

Joel Slatis didn't believe that search engine optimization could be effective. So, he challenged optimizers on the I-Sales list to prove their stuff to him. Ten companies gave him 74 examples to investigate. He found 75 percent of claims were true one week after the claim date and 65 percent were still true 6 weeks later.

Search Engine Shoot-Out
Cnet, 4/7/99,10000,0-3817-7-276910,00.html

Cnet tested five major search engines with 20 test queries, then evaluated them by accuracy, along with comments about duplicate and broken links. HotBot took top accuracy honors, followed by Excite. AltaVista and Infoseek tied for third, while pre-Open Directory-powered Lycos came in last.


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