Shopping Search Services for Advertisers and Merchants

The major shopping search engines typically crawl your site for free, but most offer merchant and advertiser programs that give you more control or better visibility in product listing pages. Here's a look at what's available.


BizRate Business Services
BizRate offers two programs for online retailers: Customer acquisition through its Merchant Listings program, and customer satisfaction improvement through participation in the company's Ratings and Research programs.

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Froogle Information for Merchants
Unlike other online shopping sites, Froogle costs nothing. There is no spending account to set up and maintain or cost-per-click charges.

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MSN Shopping

MSN Advantage Marketing
Details for advertising on MSN, including MSN shopping.


List Your Products on NexTag
Drive traffic to your online store by listing products in this comparison shopping service. Control how much you pay per lead - the more you pay the higher you rank in the listings.

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PriceGrabber Merchant Listings is constantly adding new merchants. If you are a merchant who would like to become affiliated with, complete the form on this page.

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Sign up and create a Merchant Account, and make an initial deposit into your Merchant Account to get started. The price that you want to pay for each sales lead - your Cost-per-Click (CPC) - is set by the merchant. You can set a different CPC for each category (electronics) or sub-category (digital cameras).

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Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Product Submit

Yahoo Product Submit is a pay-for-performance program, with merchants paying a cost-per-click price based on the category of the product listed. You manage your inclusion with a Web management system that allows you to submit and edit your products by simply up-loading a data feed to Yahoo.

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