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+ Search Engine Strategies Comes To London
+ Google Takes On Overture With Pay Per Click Ads
-- (full story online, link provided)
+ Up Close With Google AdWords
-- (full story online, link provided)
+ Lycos & FAST Launch Paid Inclusion
-- (full story online, link provided)
+ Ask Jeeves Paid Inclusion Update
+ New Look, New Features At AltaVista
+ SearchDay Articles
+ Search Engine Articles
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Hello Everyone--

In the Members-Only Area, I've updated the Directory Submission Chart, added new details to the Crawler Submission Chart for the FAST paid inclusion program, updated the How Lycos Works page and added a new How FAST (AllTheWeb) Works page. For those last two pages, most of the material will be familiar to regular newsletter readers. However, it wouldn't hurt to give them a quick review, for a refresher on these services. All new pages can be found via the Members-Only Area What's New page, below:

Members-Only Area What's New


Search Engine Strategies Comes To London

Search Engine Strategies comes to London on April 23 & 24, for its first two day event in Europe. The London show will have a special emphasis on European search engines and search engine marketing issues. The conference has programs helpful to both those new to search engine marketing and those who are more advanced. Multiple "tracks" ensure there's always a session of interest to everyone.

Experts in search engine marketing will be presenting, including UK and European-based speakers. There will also be speakers from the major search engines, including so far AltaVista, Ask Jeeves/Teoma, Espotting, FAST/AllTheWeb, Inktomi, LookSmart, Lycos Europe and MSN Search.

Those interested in sponsoring or exhibiting should contact Frank Fazio Jr,, for more information. Those interested in attending will find a program and sign-up information at the URL below.

Search Engine Strategies London 2002


Google Takes On Overture With Pay Per Click Ads

Google is no stranger to advertising, having had paid listings on its site since "text banners" debuted in December 1999. However, last month the company introduced a new pay-per-click payment option for its "AdWords" program that may make Google more attractive to some advertisers -- as well as establishing the company as serious competitor with Overture. The article below examines how Google aims to compete with Overture.

Google Takes On Overture With Pay Per Click Ads
The Search Engine Update, March 4, 2002


Up Close With Google AdWords

Forget the hype about what the new cost-per-click AdWords program means for Google, in terms of competing with Overture. What's in the program for advertisers, and how does the cost per click pricing fit in with the existing cost per impression ads? The article below takes a closer look.

Up Close With Google AdWords
The Search Engine Update, March 4, 2002


Lycos & FAST Launch Paid Inclusion

After months of beta testing, FAST has finally opened its paid inclusion program to the general public. However, FAST is not selling inclusion into its web index directly. Instead, FAST is allowing its search partners to resell the service to web site owners and site promoters. More details on the program can be found via the URL below.

Lycos & FAST Launch Paid Inclusion
The Search Engine Update, March 4, 2002


Ask Jeeves Paid Inclusion Update

Some updates from last issue's news on the Teoma inclusion program. Previously, I wrote that doorway pages were OK, but that the FAQ suggested that only one doorway page per "destination" web site was allowed. However, Ask Jeeves clarified this to say that you can have one doorway page for each "real" page on your web site. Also, a bulk submit program for sites with more than 1000 URLs will be introduced in the future, but there's no immediate timing on this. The original article is below, and it also contains a new quote about how Ask Jeeves intends to build the Teoma database up primarily by crawling, keeping paid inclusion at about 10 percent of the index size.

Ask Jeeves Launches Paid Inclusion For Teoma
The Search Engine Update, Feb. 19, 2002


New Look, New Features At AltaVista

That ever changing service AltaVista has once again altered its appearance. Chris Sherman has rundowns on this, below. AltaVista has also gone from using a default Boolean OR operator to a default AND operator. Tara Calishain and Greg Notess have excellent write-ups on this development, which are listed below.

AltaVista has also resurrected once again a feature showing what people are searching for on the service. A link to "Real Seaches" is listed below. You can see real time searches on the web index, as well as in other areas such as image searching.

Meanwhile, AltaVista is closing the free email service that it offered to 400,000 people at the end of this month.

AltaVista Gets a Facelift, Again
SearchDay, Feb. 21, 2002

AltaVista has a new streamlined look, with a slimmed-down search box and a tabbed interface providing direct access to the major portions of the search engine.

AltaVista Moves from Default OR to Default AND
ResearchBuzz, Feb. 13, 2002

AltaVista Defaults to AND
Search Engine Showdown, Feb. 14, 2002

AltaVista Real Searches

AltaVista Shuttering Free E-Mail, Feb. 19, 2002,1928,2001_977171,00.html

SearchDay Articles

Here are some recent articles that may be of interest, from Search Engine Watch's daily SearchDay newsletter:

Bookmarklets: Free Tools For Power Surfing
SearchDay, Feb. 28, 2002

Bookmarklets are handy free tools that enhance your web surfing experience, acting much like "intelligent" bookmarks.


The Ten Commandments of Internet Searching
SearchDay, Feb. 27, 2002

Find the path to searching enlightenment and avoid the temptations that can lure you to commune with false ideas with these ten commandments of internet searching.


iLOR Dumps Google for Ask/Teoma
SearchDay, Feb. 19, 2002

Just as the "I love Google" movement has seemingly reached its zenith, search engine iLOR has made a contrarian move away from being powered by Google to using the Ask Jeeves/Teoma web index.


On the archive page below, you'll find more articles like those above, plus have the ability to sign-up for the free newsletter.

SearchDay Archives

Search Engine Articles

CIA-funded Indo-U.S. firm makes smarter Web search
Reuters, Feb. 25, 2002

The US Central Intelligence Agency has invested in a firm developing software to perform pattern searching similar to Autonomy.


Report on Canadian Search Engines
Review Canada, Feb. 24, 2002

Summarizes major Canadian search engines with links to submission forms.


Robot Exclusion Protocol
Ftrain, Feb. 23, 2002

Imagine you're hearing the music from Terminator, then read this funny short article: "I'm a Googlebot! I will not kill you...I'm indexing your apartment.''


Are Search Engines an E-Commerce Anachronism?, Feb. 22, 2002

This is clearly based on the same StatMarket release I wrote about last issue (see, though it never names it but rather says "some published reports indicate a measurable decline in search engine use over the past year" to back up the argument that shoppers are abandoning search engines, and that this will get worse. Of course, StatMarket didn't say that search engine usage had dropped. It stayed the same -- but that doesn't make a nice headline.

Shoppers Favor Search Engines Over Ads, Feb. 20, 2002,1934,2101_977481,00.html

Meanwhile, another survey out found that online shoppers are nearly three times more likely to find what they want on the web by using search engines versus responding to advertisements [banner ads, I presume”.

Search engines losing popularity, Feb. 14, 2002

In case you only saw the headline,'s take on the StatMarket release was that search engines had lost popularity. This was based on the fact that direct navigation had risen in relation to the combined figures for surfing and searching. But when searching was broken out, as explained in my article referenced above, it hadn't lost share at all.


Some Yahoo sellers splitting personalities, Feb. 21, 2002

Try to submit multiple sites that ultimately are owned by the same company to the Yahoo Commercial Directory, and you'll probably lose your submission fee. But establish multiple storefronts in Yahoo Store, in order to crowd out competition in the Yahoo Shopping search results, and you've got a winning tactic that Yahoo doesn't seem to mind.


NetRatings, Jupiter Call Off Merger
@NewYork, Feb. 19, 2002,1471,8471_976451,00.html

The proposed merger between ratings services Jupiter Media Metrix and Nielsen//NetRatings is off, due to US Federal Trade Commission objections.

Experts Mull Jupiter's Options
@NewYork, Feb. 24, 2002,,8471_979101,00.html

Follows on the article above, about how Jupiter, facing a cash crisis, is now looking at ways to survive.


Espotting and Ask Jeeves strike new deal, Feb. 19, 2002

Ask Jeeves will now carry more paid listings from Espotting on its UK site and position these more prominently.


Start your engines, Feb. 8, 2002

Long look at new requirements and challenges for those who want to power the US government's FirstGov information portal.

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