Changing Your Listing In The Yahoo Directory

NOTE: Please don't read this page unless you have a web page already listed in the Yahoo Directory. It is only applicable to changing Yahoo Directory listings. Not
sure if you are listed? Read the Yahoo Directory page for help.

Sometimes people need to change their Yahoo Directory listings. For example, you may have moved your web page to a new URL. Perhaps you no longer sell a particular product. You may even work for a company that has changed its business model so much that it needs to be listed in a different category. For these cases and others, Yahoo provides a special change form:

Yahoo Change Form

You must use this form regardless of how you originally submitted to Yahoo to request changes, with one exception. If you submitted via Yahoo Express after an annual fee was required, then each year when you renew, you have an automatic chance to request a change. It's not guaranteed that the change will be processed, but it is guaranteed that you'll get a response to your request. In contrast, the "free" change form above provides no guaranteed response at all. Don't worry -- we'll cover what to do if your change seems to be ignored further below.

The change form will ask for the email address provided when the site was originally submitted. You wrote that down, right? Relax -- lots of people forget to do this. If you don't know the original address, use the form anyway and provide any addresses that you think might have been used in the last entry box on the form. If you still have no idea, then just note that.

Why Are You Changing?

Yahoo is most responsive to making changes for factual reasons or to correct problems. Unfortunately, many changes requests in the past have been made by those who hoped to get a better ranking in Yahoo by altering how there web site is described. If this is your intention in asking for a change, please take note of the following important facts.

First, the default Web Matches results at Yahoo now come from Google, rather than the Yahoo Directory. This means the title and description of your Yahoo Directory listing will have little bearing on how well you rank in these results.

Second, if you aren't ranking well for a particular term in Yahoo, paid listings in the Sponsor Matches area offer a guaranteed way to correct this. They won't move you up higher in the Web Matches results, but as mentioned above, neither will changing your Yahoo Directory listing. They will at least provide you a top presence for the words you desire near the top of Yahoo's results page.

Getting A Successful Change

Still feel you need a change made? OK, let's talk about being successful with it. The most important tip is to remember that Yahoo is more likely to change incorrect information. In particular, they should react to fixing incorrect company names and URLs. When submitting your change request, explain why something is factually wrong, and you should greatly increase your chances of getting the change.

Similarly, you may also be successful getting your category changed, if you can explain that your site has changed focus and belongs in a new area. Perhaps a new category was created after you initially submitted. If you can explain that other sites like yours are there and that Yahoo's USERS would expect to find your site there, then you might get a change through.

I used all caps in the paragraph above to stress that your arguments for a change may be more successful if you can explain why Yahoo's users are impacted badly by how you are listed. If you have good information that Yahoo's users want but cannot find because (1) you have been miscategorized (2) because your URL is incorrect or (3) because your site is not described properly, then these reasons may carry more weight with Yahoo's editors.

Still Waiting

If you use the change form and get no response within two to three weeks, try sending a message to the submission support email address mentioned on the Resubmitting page. In addition to providing your URL, you'll also need to submit the date when you originally requested the change.

Don't forget, if you used Yahoo Express, you have a 30 day appeal period that can be used to request that your site be placed in a different category or listed with a different description. You get this period when you initially submit and each time you come up for renewal. Make use of this time, if you strongly disagree with how Yahoo ultimately listed you. There's no guarantee the changes will be made, but at least you'll be guaranteed a response.

Don't use Yahoo Express system in an attempt to change or update the listing of a site already in the Yahoo Directory after this period, if you haven't gotten a response from the free change form. Your request will be rejected, and you'll lose your fee.

More help about making changes to the Yahoo Directory is below, from Yahoo:

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