4 Tactics to Drive Incremental Local SEO Performance

Get Found LocallyEven the most well-optimized local SEO campaigns can be enhanced to deliver more incremental results. The last thing brands that have built successful local SEO programs should do is rest on their laurels while competitors catch up. Instead, they should consider further defining tactics and strategies.

Before further strategies are engaged, brands should ensure they've effectively covered all the basic blocking and tackling for local SEO. After ensuring a solid foundation is in place, it's time to explore additional opportunities and enhance the program to further improve results. Brands ready to do so should consider these four tactics.

1. Google+ Verification & Optimization

Google Plus

Merge a location's Google+ Business with its Google+ Local page.

This process enables the most comprehensive ongoing optimization to be performed for the location, while maximizing social visibility through one critically important Google listing.

2. Promote Your Google+ Page

Google provides some very simple steps to promote your Google+ Page.

One example would be to connect your Google+ page to your AdWords campaign, which enables the advertiser and the Google+ page to share +1's.

Any +1's on a company's ads will count on its Google+ page and vice versa... simple! Businesses should explore this and other ways to promote their Google+ Local Pages.

3. Yelp Optimization

YelpYelp is an important reviews platform that is referenced by Apple Maps when users search for local businesses.

A location's Yelp business listing can be claimed and managed.

A business enhanced listing enables a business to update its info including photos, calls to action, videos and listing updates.

Despite Yelp's influence, many businesses ignore the opportunity to proactively manage their listings.

4. Video Production & Optimization

Geotagged Sonus VideoIt helps to have geo-tagged video associated with a business and integrated into the business' Google+ optimization strategy.

Businesses can create YouTube channels to optimize video and integrate video into their enhanced Yelp listings.


Brands that invest in local SEO programs and realize solid returns on the investment shouldn't sit back and relax. Many brands have yet to embrace the opportunity offered by local SEO; so it will likely grow more competitive in the future.

The most effective marketers can protect their local SEO leadership by continuing to take stock of what's been done to date and investigate opportunities to deliver incremental value going forward.

About the author

As CEO and founder of SIM Partners, Jon and his team are pioneering the future of digital marketing for national brands at a local level. The company's Velocity technology is a SaaS-based local marketing automation platform that helps enterprise brands - with hundreds to thousands of locations - drive customer acquisition...everywhere.

Jon is a digital marketing veteran and innovator in the local digital marketing space. For nearly 20 years, his passion for technology and marketing have driven innovative solutions for numerous Fortune 500 clients over the course of his career.

Jon has been published in AdAge and is a regular Search Engine Watch contributor. In 2014, he was named to the TechWeek 100 list and he currently serves on the board of the Illinois Technology Association (ITA).