Online Publicity And Promotion Resources

Online Publicity Resources

Calafia Consulting: Search Engine Services

All this search engine stuff got your head spinning? I provide services specifically related to improving site rankings through good search engine design.

Do-It-Yourself Submission Help

Search Engines and Directories - Submissions Pages

Nicely done summary of key search engines and directories, with links to Add URL pages.

A Promotional Strategy That Wont Break the Bank
ClickZ, June 23, 2000

Good overview to inexpensive ways of gaining publicity for your web site.

Planting Seeds in All the Right Places
Anchor, May 19, 1998

Eric Ward is an online publicity guru, and in this article, he shares plenty of advice on how to promote your own site.

Free Submission Services

Similar to Submit-It (below), except that you can submit to many more sites for no charge. Those that support the site with a small fee gain extra benefits, such as special search engine-oriented tools. (A more detailed review is available to site subscribers in the "Toolbox" section of Search Engine Watch's Subscribers-Only Area.)


Submit-It was the web's first site announcement service, introduced in February 1995, and it is still going strong. A trial version allows you to post your web site to some key places places online from one place, for free. The commercial version allows submission to over 400 places listed and other advantages, such as a verification service.

Commercial Submission Services

Yahoo's Announcement Services Category
Links to guides and people you can pay to help you publicize your web site.

Eric Ward's NetPOST and URLwire(tm)

Eric's award-winning services are known worldwide and offer custom URL submission and awareness-building services just for major Web site launches and Web events.

Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Search Engine Report
You did sign-up for Search Engine Watch's monthly email newsletter, didn't you? Keep up with the latest happenings with search engines. It's considered essential reading by many people for keeping up with search engines.

Search Engine Update
Can't wait for your monthly Search Engine Report? The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly update of search engine news and tips available to those who support Search Engine Watch with a paid site subscription.

Online Ads

This moderated mailing list is an outstanding source of information about web advertising and marketing. A must read.


Another outstanding moderated mailing list about web advertising and marketing. It should also be one you subscribe to.

LinkExchange Digest

Meant for members of LinkExchange but open to anyone, this moderated list is a great place to hear how small businesses and web sites are increasing traffic.

I-Advertising Discussion List

Moderated discussions of Internet advertising, marketing and online commerce issues, often with crossover into online promotion and other issues.

Web Marketing Today

Monthly newsletter covering a wide-range of online marketing and promotional issues, usually filled with a good summary of recent articles relating to Internet advertising and marketing.

Web Digest For Marketers

Twice-monthly newsletter with a summary of new or improved sites of interest to web marketers.


Mailing lists, discussion areas and other venues about search engines and search engine secrets are listed on the Search Engine Talk page, available to paid subscribers of Search Engine Watch. Visit the subscription sign-up page to learn more.