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  1. Stop Obsessing Over AdWords Quality Score

    Quality score is complicated, but that doesn't mean it's all that useful. Alistair Dent pulls back the curtain to show advertisers what's behind the Google Adwords Quality Score and how you should use it in AdWords campaigns.

  2. Google Says: Use AdWords Ad Extensions, Or Else

    Google announced this week that they’d rolled out an update to their AdWords Ad Rank algorithm, factoring the use of ad extensions into their ad placement and cost per click decisions. What does this mean for marketers using AdWords?

  3. How B2B Advertisers Can Use Q4 to Dominate Q1

    Q4 doesn't have to be a wasteland. Till the soil of this fertile time of year so that your crops in Q1 will be bigger and better! This list of tactics will help make you as highly visible to your audience as possible now to ramp up sales in Q1.

  4. U.S. Paid Search Spend Continues Rising in Q3 2013

    Several reports offer a healthy roundup of paid search spending and a positive outlook for the remainder of 2013. Insights from RKG, IgnitionOne, and Kenshoo all report that U.S. marketers continue to increase their investments in paid search.

  5. 6 More PPC Tasks That Are Ideal for an Intern

    Internships can be a win-win for both the intern and the company. Hiring the right intern can be a big help to a busy PPC manager, while offering invaluable job experience for the intern. Here are six tasks that are ideal for an intern.

  6. Yelp Launches New CPC Advertising Program

    Yelp is offering a new cost-per-click (CPC) program bundled with its enhanced listing option. To be clear, the ability to bid on a CPC basis isn't new, but this new program includes a discount bundle with some enhanced features.

  7. Top Search Result = Poor Ad CTR [Study]

    While the first position in the organic search results may drive the most traffic, it doesn't drive the most click on ads within the website once a visitor lands on it. Chitika's latest research dives into why this behavior might be happening.

  8. Riding the Motivation Wave in Search Engine Marketing

    The act of searching Google is indicative of a motivational peak in a searcher. To earn that prospect's business or get the opt-in, you must learn how to harness a motivational peak now to make that sale more likely or to make it come sooner.