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In-depth paid search advertising guides and the latest updates on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click (PPC) ad tools and platforms.

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  1. Restructuring Your PPC Campaigns in 5 Key Steps

    Whether you start from scratch or modify an existing account, it's imperative to follow a strategic, sequential plan when restructuring a PPC account. Here are the five steps to follow to get you on your way to a smooth restructure journey.

  2. Google Updates Shopping Feed Requirements

    Google yesterday announced new shopping feed requirements. Google's new feed specifications include updates to mobile links, bundle attributes, availability specification changes, and changes to apparel identifiers. Here's what's changing.

  3. PPC Budget Forecasting 101

    As pay-per-click professionals, we're often asked to play with our numbers, shift our budgets, and essentially predict the future. A daunting task, for sure. Here's a simple walk-through on how to answer those tough budgeting questions from clients.

  4. The Best and Worst Things About Twitter Ads

    There's much to like about Twitter ads – good targeting, message amplification, innovations, and campaign control. However, we also have to deal with the bad – date ranges, display of active promoted tweets, campaign editing, and navigation.