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The latest stories about paid search advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) ad platforms, including guides to improve your ROI from online marketing campaigns.

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  1. Kenshoo: Global Paid Search Sales Revenue Grows 19% [Report]

    The 2013 holiday season saw record-high increases in clicks, impressions and revenues. A big part of this growth was driven by mobile devices and product listing ads (PLA), according to 2013 Global Online Retail Seasonal Shopping Report by Kenshoo.

  2. Big Data Marketing's Next Frontier: Paid Search

    PLAs and other paid search offer an excellent opportunity to capture more customers. Make all your time and money investments pay off by using a data-driven approach to deliver a premium onsite experience that matches the intent of your prospects.

  3. 5 Predictions About Real-Time Bidding in 2014

    If 2013 wasn’t the year of RTB, 2014 has absolute potential to be the year advertisers and publishers get onboard and start using display inventory to its full potential. Here are five advancements and changes we should expect in the RTB space.

  4. The Actual Impact of PPC on Sales [Case Study]

    PPC almost always drives incremental traffic to a website and some of those visitors are likely to convert. Most assume that more visits mean more sales and that fewer visits mean fewer sales. This case study illustrates the true value of PPC visits.

  5. Google AdWords Call Extensions: Beware the Data Gaps

    Google AdWords Call Extensions are fundamentally important for online advertising; having a phone number published with your text ad gives you a baseline of how many potential leads or customers are willing to pick up the phone and call.

  6. Google Adds Ability to Undo Changes in AdWords

    Google has finally added a long requested feature to Google AdWords in the form of a simple "Undo" button, providing advertisers with a backup of every account change. Once the button is clicked, it will revert to the campaign as it was then.

  7. Top 9 Twitter PPC Opportunities and Challenges

    Should PPC practitioners focus on Twitter as an emerging ad channel that can drive direct response metrics, or is its value largely brand in nature? Here are some major opportunities and challenges of leveraging Twitter as a scalable PPC ad channel.

  8. How to Implement a Tiered PPC Bidding Strategy

    When set up properly a combination of all match types can help you cover the ground needed to drive high quality, relevant traffic to your site. But in order to get optimal performance, you need to make sure a tiered bidding strategy is utilized.

  9. 13 Metrics Every PPC Report Should Have

    Metrics can be tied back to four basic lifecycle stages of attracting, engaging, converting, and renewing. Let's look at how these stages can apply to your PPC efforts. Depending on the frequency of your reporting, here are 13 metrics to include.

  10. 3 Google Shopping Campaign Challenges & Solutions

    PLAs have been tremendously successful at increasing paid media exposure and driving incremental revenue. However, advertisers are still dealing with a number of challenges. Google Shopping campaigns effectively address these issues head on.

  11. Can RTB Turn Display Into Search?

    Wouldn't it be great if display campaigns could behave similarly to search, driving highly targeted traffic when users are within the consideration stage on their path to purchase? Good news: this is possible with real-time bidding campaigns.