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In-depth paid search advertising guides and the latest updates on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other pay-per-click (PPC) ad tools and platforms.

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  1. 3 Google Updates for AdWords, DoubleClick Advertisers

    Google AdWords announced it is changing the way conversions are counted and a new Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool. Meanwhile, the new DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite offers tools to easily create and update text ad and PLA campaigns.

  2. How to Generate Awareness Using PPC

    The next time you're ready to launch a new product or service, be sure to include awareness campaigns in your marketing mix. Here's what you'll need to do to create search volume where none exists with the help of PPC advertising.

  3. AdWords Patent Infringement Costs Google Big Money

    The court in Virginia has ordered Google to pay a royalty for all AdWords advertising revenue to Vringo for patent infringement, for infringing upon two patents it owns. Google is appealing the judgment, which could be worth billions of dollars.

  4. 2014 AdWords Wishlist

    Enhanced campaigns, image extensions, third party reviews... Fantastic features that have improved performance for search marketers. But we always want more, don't we? What do we hope that 2014 will bring from Google to make us really happy?

  5. A New Look for Google AdWords Rolling Out Now

    This week, Google announced AdWords will have a new look and feel that's more consistent with other Google products. Updates included more white space, softer colors, and less scrolling to access important information.

  6. New Google Shopping Overview & 4 New Tools

    Google Shopping's latest campaigns structure changes the already significant paid Product Ads on Google Shopping completely. Google Product Listing Ad (PLA) structure and management is changing fundamentally. Are you ready?

  7. Google Killed 350 Million 'Bad Ads' in 2013

    In 2013, Google removed 350 million bad AdWords ads as part of its efforts to prevent abuse of AdWords by both advertisers and AdSense publishers, although unfortunately they don't detail much about why those particular ads were removed.

  8. PPC Management Operations: The Ultimate Guide

    Regularly scheduled daily, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual PPC tasks will ensure that you miss less opportunity to respond to change and increase your return on investment. This guide will help your PPC accounts perform at the optimal level.

  9. B2B Search: It's Time To Go Mobile

    Your customers are using mobile devices. If you're paying to send customers to your site using PPC, a poor mobile experience will cost you. Now is the time to get your site ready for mobile prime time and harness the true power of mobile PPC.