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Write for SEW

Search Engine Watch strives to provide fresh information, viewpoints, and experiences every day.

Occasionally, we have openings for regular columnists who can commit to a monthly or bi-monthly schedule (sorry, but we don't publish "one-off" contributions). If you have a unique perspective, we encourage you to submit a sample column so we may evaluate whether you'd be a good fit for such a position when it opens up.

What we're looking for – simply put – are posts that provide actionable tactics, tips, or strategies, or that dig into industry trends and how it will impact SEW readers. These might be real situations you or your company encountered. Successes or failures. Or something of value you want to now convey to others.

SEW columns are written by interactive marketing practitioners with whom we have a direct editorial relationship. Advice to public relations professionals: while you are an important resource, we do not accept column pitches from third parties. Contributors should contact us personally.

A column may be about some design changes made to an ad that improved or diminished its productivity. It could be about a particularly successful campaign that brought in lots of new business. It could be about insights you made upon a thorough examination of your server logs. It could be about ad buys you have made or site publishers you have encountered who got it or were out of it. Maybe a new direction you are taking with Web advertising that would interest readers. The best topic to discuss is a burning issue on your desk now.

Tell this audience the unvarnished truth (though you don't need to mention names). The authenticity will ring through loud and clear. Speak with passion. If it ticks you off or exhilarates you – all the better! That's where you connect with our readers.

Please include a brief bio, your email and a website to view your work. Your company, title, and phone number are, of course, valuable as well. We look forward to hearing your ideas.