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The latest stories about mobile marketing, including how-to guides to using QR codes, augmented reality and smartphone apps.

  1. Google Overhauls Android Maps App

    Google has given its Android Maps application a makeover. The update includes an overhauled interface with new discovery features that allow users to quickly browse and discover new places without having to type, and enhanced navigation features.

  2. Augmented Reality & SEO: Search in an Annotated World

    AR has experienced a slow evolution. While users have struggled with a fragmented ecosystem of AR apps, marketers have struggled with how to fit it into their marketing plans. But with the debut of Google Glass, all that is about to change.

  3. Google Makes Non-Desktop SEO an Absolute Necessity

    Google has announced that failure to fix annoying mobile experiences will now actively hinder your efforts to rank well within search results. This warning from Google makes the case for brands to look again at mobile SEO even more compelling.

  4. Google Buys Navigation App Waze for $1 Billion

    Google has reached an agreement to acquire navigation app maker Waze in a deal believed to be valued upwards of $1 billion, beating out rivals Facebook and Apple, which were also rumored to be mulling a bid for the startup.

  5. Google Now: Taking the Search Out of Search

    In a world filled with distractions, an effortless user experience is becoming a more desirable quality. Google is working to create the most effortless experience ¬– one that proactively delivers information before you even think to search for it.

  6. Porn Comes to Google Glass, is Quickly Banned

    Google moved swiftly to get rid of the first pornographic app created for Google Glass. This was followed by a quick tweak to its Glass Platform Developer Polices to ensure that no more porn makes its way onto its augmented reality spectacles.

  7. Google Checkout Going Out of Business in 6 Months

    Google Checkout will be retired in six months, Google has announced. The service, which has been used by many web merchants as an alternative to PayPal and has been the default payment option for Google Play developers, is going away Nov. 20, 2013.