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The latest stories about mobile marketing, including how-to guides to using QR codes, augmented reality and smartphone apps.

  1. Facebook Tests Mobile Graph Search

    Facebook recently confirmed it’s testing a mobile version of Graph Search. While some are criticizing Facebook for a lag in mobile adoption of a feature that's more than a year old, Facebook reminds us the functionality is not so simple.

  2. Google Changes Smartphone User-Agent

    Google is changing the user-agent they use when crawling content for smartphones. Ensuring mobile searchers find relevant and usable pages is an absolute must do. If you're not already, time to start creating special mobile reports in 2014.

  3. Google Glass Driving Case Thrown Out of Court

    A woman was pulled over for speeding, but when an officer realized she was wearing Google Glass, he added the felony charge of watching a TV monitor while driving. Now a court has ruled that there was no proof the head mounted screen was turned on.

  4. The Biggest Mobile Trends and Stories of 2013

    Mobile once again experienced huge growth. Google forced us to go all-in. And social machines and wearables (smartwatches, Google Glass) have entered the realm of reality. We take a look back at these and more of the biggest mobile stories of 2013.