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How-to guides to improve local search visibility. Tips on international search, maps, and reviews. News from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Foursquare, and more.

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  1. Local Keyword Research: 3 Ways to Use Google

    The tools available for mining and identifying keywords that will drive the highest ROI are extensive, but often the best place to start is at the search engines. Here's how to discover new keyword opportunities for local businesses using Google.

  2. Yelp's New Wordmap Helps You Avoid Hipsters

    Users can search cities by keyword so they can discover (or avoid) certain areas they live in or would like to visit. This heatmap extracts keyword density of Yelp reviews all over a city, and the patterns in the maps are pretty entertaining.

  3. Local Link Building: An Easy Win

    Local link building is often overlooked within link building campaigns. Here's how to optimize links for local search by building great national industry links using geo-specific anchor text, and building great links from local authorities.

  4. Global Online Payment Methods

    Want to increase your conversions exponentially? Learn more about the payment methods of the countries you target. It signals trust and authority to your targeted local audience as well as providing all the options available to get you paid.

  5. Google AdWords Express Gets a Facelift

    Google’s AdWords Express is the latest Google property to receive a makeover. AdWords Express, designed to be an easy introduction to AdWords for local businesses, has been redesigned to make it easier for new users and to streamline the process.