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  1. 80% of Local Searches on Mobile Phones Convert [Study]

    What are people looking for when they search for a local business? What do they expect to find? Do they convert? The answer to these questions are explored in the latest research commissioned by Neustar and 15miles, conducted by comScore.

  2. Google Madness: The Elite Eight of Google+ Local Tips

    Google+ can be powerful for brands and businesses, but also can be quite confusing. Whether you're stuck with an old Google+ Places page or have the updated Google+ Business page, you can use these tips for Google+ Local listing optimization.

  3. 5 New Features of the New Google Maps

    If you've used Google Maps lately, you've probably noticed a new feature here or a slight change there. Well, now Google is rolling out the complete, revamped version of Maps for all the world to see. Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks.

  4. Yelp Gets a Facelift, Puts Visual Content Front and Center

    Yelp redesigned its look and feel to give more space to imagery and make accessing information about a local business or place simpler. With a new image carousel and more space for review content, Yelp has finally capitalized on the power of imagery.

  5. Yahoo-Yelp Partnership on the Horizon?

    The Wall Street Journal reported an anonymous Yahoo employee leaked that Yelp and Yahoo could soon be partnering together soon to boost Yahoo's search results. So far, Yahoo has declined to comment on the report.

  6. 4 Tactics to Drive Incremental Local SEO Performance

    After you've covered all the local SEO basics, explore these additional opportunities to enhance the program and further improve results: Google+ verification, optimization, and promotion; Yelp optimization; and video production and optimization.