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  1. Happy Holidays from Search Engine Watch!

    As the year draws to a close, we’re all thinking about family, friends, and winding down for the holidays. And as usual, we here at Search Engine Watch wish you all the very best over the holidays and for the coming New Year.

  2. Reports: NSA Used Google Cookies for Data Spying

    Just a few days after they ganged up on the government to ask them to curb the NSA's spying enthusiasm, tech giants are faced with another rather inconvenient truth: that the NSA is actually piggy-backing on Google cookies to gather intelligence.

  3. Google Now Allows Gmail and Calendar Data Downloads

    Finally, Google will allow users to download data from their Gmail and Google Calendars, a function that has long been available on many of their other services. The feature will help users who want to store an offline backup of their information.

  4. Cyber Monday 2013: Largest Online Spend in U.S. History

    Data shows Cyber Monday was a huge success, with comScore proclaiming it as the day with the heaviest online spend in U.S. history. Other data shows social media played a notable role in sales this year. However, shoppers may not have received the...

  5. 2013 Search Year in Review with Bing, Yahoo &

    Curious about the most popular people, places and things in 2013? Bing, Yahoo and Ask reveal the most memorable through search queries that dominated the engines in the past year. Top celebrities, top news and events, and top destinations all...

  6. Special Delivery from Amazon's Doorstep Drones

    Amazon announced plans for a futuristic fleet of delivery drones that would drop purchases in 30 minutes or less. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the service is only about five years away, but critics speculate the launch of such a service is too...