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A collection of in-depth guides on how to launch or relaunch a website, website development and design, WordPress SEO, and user experience best practices.

  1. 404 Page Best Practices

    Is your website serving up 404 errors for pages that have been moved, deleted, or mistyped? Here's how you can find 404 pages, how to limit the negative impact on user experience and your SEO efforts, and tips on how to create a good 404 page.

  2. It's Time to Update the Definition of a Website

    For years the website has been defined as a computer term representing pages on the World Wide Web. This outdated perception is holding brands back from embracing the website for what it really is. Here's how a website should be defined.

  3. 7 Tips From Google on Using Google Authorship

    On which types of pages is it OK to use authorship? Does authorship support multiple authors? Can a company or persona have authorship? If you write in different languages, do you need more profiles? Google answers some frequently asked questions.

  4. 4 SEO Tips for Launching a New Website and New Brand

    Launching a new website is hard. Launching a new brand with that new website can be downright madness. There's a lot to worry about – redirects, analytics, sitemaps, rankings, and keeping momentum post-launch. Here's an inside look at the journey.

  5. Free WordPress Plugins: Respect the Author

    While frustrations due to unresolved technical support issues are understandable, when asking for support on a free plugin, please consider the author and their time. They aren't just twiddling their thumbs waiting for support requests.

  6. How to Choose Trustworthy WordPress Themes & Plugins

    How can you safeguard against poorly developed themes and plugins? There are a few telltale signs. Here are some ways you can identify trustworthy themes and plugins so you can be rest assured the code is of good quality and, more importantly, safe.

  7. 5 Pillars of a Successful Modern Web Design

    The SEO practices you implement in site design that optimize for search engines should be invisible. Modern day web design success requires a multi-function, multi-skilled approached to ensure maximum impact for your business. Balance is key.