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A collection of in-depth guides on how to launch or relaunch a website, website development and design, WordPress SEO, and user experience best practices.

  1. Just What Is UX Design Thinking?

    Design thinking, and more specifically UX design thinking, is a pervasive perspective, whereby I constantly critique the world for design flaws that promote incorrect behaviors. Conversely, UCD is just a methodology for creating usable designs.

  2. 5 Content Questions to Guide Your Site Redesign

    There's a lot to consider when you decide to redesign your website – it must provide a good user experience, be mobile-friendly, and not lose rankings. But there are also five important content questions to consider before revamping your website.

  3. When Do You Add UX to Your Design?

    It's not so much if you add user experience to your process, but when you add UX that makes the most impact. The key to success is focusing on solving a problem from the users' perspective, instead of the marketing or technology perspectives.

  4. How to Do Awesome SEO Annotations

    The benefits of doing an SEO review of early-stage wireframes or visual designs are hard to quantify, but very real. Here's a quick guide to doing SEO annotations that will make your sites better while educating your colleagues on best practices.

  5. Google Updates Site Move Guidelines

    Google has updated their guidelines to help webmasters deal with moving sites, including issues that might come up due to moving a site to responsive design, moving a site with no URL change, and moving a site with completely new URLs, and more.