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Start creating great, engaging, high-quality content with this collection of content marketing tactics, trends, ideas, strategies, and best practices.

  1. Investing in Big Content Assets for Big Returns

    Is one large piece of content a better investment than several smaller ones? Here's how one piece of content has delivered more than 47,000 unique visitors and continues to bring in more than 1,400 unique visits per month almost one year later.

  2. 10 Huge Online PR Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Press releases have a part to play in link building campaigns. Is your press release actually newsworthy? Is it getting to the right people? Is it focused? Is it structured properly? These are just 4 of 10 avoidable online public relations mistakes.

  3. Building Relationships (and Links) from Natural Content

    You need to track not just mentions of your brand or specific product(s), but also noise around your industry so you can attempt to add value yourself in the right places. How? Use this process to exploit opportunities from natural conversation.

  4. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 3: Facing the 'Fans'

    When content is created, technical optimization is needed – keyword placement, engaging copy, and effective calls to action – but these activities are secondary to releasing quality content that users and search engines can react to.

  5. 8 Content Marketing Lessons From Improv

    Yes, it's true! The foundational techniques of improvisation can be transferred off the stage and into the office to improve content development efforts. Here are eight lessons from improv that you can apply right now to support your marketing.

  6. Matt Cutts: Write Clear, Understandable Content

    Whether you're writing something technical or scientific, or you're writing for the general public, Google's Matt Cutts suggests the key to success is a focus on clarity above all else – making sure both experts and regular folks can understand.

  7. Top 10 Tips on Writing Top 10 Lists

    Nearly everyone loves top 10 lists. Whether it's the most beautiful celebrities, the world's richest people, or important features you need to know about a new product, a top 10 list is a winning format. Here's how to write a great top 10 list.