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Is Negative SEO a Fairly Easy Practice?

The Missing Link

Given that any decision about the credibility of linking signals that is left up to a machine can't be correct 100 percent of the time, can we know the extent to which incorrect link evaluations occur, and the extent to which negative SEO works?

Why is My Health Care Competitor Outranking Me?

The Missing Link

One health care company has found itself being outranked – sometimes big time – by a competitor every time in every location. What's to blame? A weak link profile? A lack of social media presence? Or something else? What's the missing link?

Where Link Building is Heading in 2013

Arms Linking Together

Ten predictions on what 2013 holds for popular tactics: link building packages; analytics; infographics as link bait; directories; sponsorships; forum posting and blog commenting; social link building; guest posting; press releases; and mobile.

A Trusted Link? There Is No Such Thing


There is no such thing as a trusted link. Links and likes and tweets originate from a person (or persons) who made the decision to put them there, and that source is where the trustworthiness resides. Links are just a part of the machine.

Is Your Link Profile Plausibly Deniable?

EU-US data transfer rules declared invalid

Few people can say with complete confidence that they know every single SEO and link building tactic that has been used since the day a site first launched. Having someone to blame is apparently now just part of the overall linking strategy.

7 Ways Links Cause Search Rank Changes


Before you pursue the time consuming process of cleaning up "bad" links, it pays to understand a variety of potential reasons your site might have dropped in the rankings in the first place. Not all rankings drops have to do with your site's links.

Link for People, Not Search Engines


There are hundreds of ways to build links the wrong way, and just as many ways to do it right. Your goal should be to be able to survive and thrive with or without Google. Never forget the quality, intent and relevancy of the link building process.