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Zachary Rodgers

Zachary Rodgers

Until March 2012, Zach Rodgers was managing editor of ClickZ's award-winning coverage of news and trends in digital marketing. He reported on the rise of web companies, data markets, ad technologies, and government Internet policy, among other subjects. 

Articles by Zachary Rodgers

  1. Yahoo Begins Honoring Browser Do-Not-Track Signals

    The ad sector, Federal Trade Commission, and U.S. Commerce Department have thrown their weight behind Do Not Track. Now Yahoo has begun rolling out global support for the Do Not Track standard, and expects to complete the process by early summer.

  2. Yahoo Hires New CEO

    Former PayPal president Scott Thompson joins Yahoo as CEO. Yahoo credits Thompson with doubling PayPal's active user base from 50 million to 104 million. Acting CEO Tim Morse will resume his duties as chief financial officer.

  3. Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL Confirm Display Ad Deal

    Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft this week confirmed plans to pool together their unsold inventory in a deal that aims to increase their margins, secure higher prices for remnant ads, and augment the reach available to agencies and advertisers.